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Windows 8 Tiles Not Working 64 bit

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    Quote Originally Posted by galabar View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by pcbishop View Post
    The install to unallocated space did work for me. So no upgrade where I kept my data worked and I choose to install to a USB Drive then I did the boot and install from that drive and deleted my system partition then installed back to it - of course I had all my data backed up. It did the trick and I immediately had a working installation.

    Good luck and thank you to mdmd
    Yup, I'm thinking a clean install is the only way I'm going to get this to work. The interface seems quite cool and I'm really looking forward to playing with it, once I get it working.
    I ended up backing up my data and doing a clean install. Things are working now.

    I'm really liking Windows 8. It actually becomes very natural after a little while. I think Microsoft has really nailed it with this one.

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    dual boot windos8windows7

    Quote Originally Posted by pcbishop View Post
    Upgrade from Windows 7 Home Ultimate 64 to Windows 8 64 bit

    I found suggestions for:

    1) deleting OLE from the Registry under Local Microsoft Software - did not work
    2) Create alternate users - did not work
    3) User profile change - did not work
    4) change Display settings - did not work
    For all who experiencing issues with lives tiles on windows 8 :go to control panel(clasic not metro)/programs and features-on the left side search for option called"turn Windows features on or off"search for "microsoft Net Framework 3.5" and tick the box;windows download and install for you this feature,let him to finish;when done do a reboot!hope this will help other!cheers!
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    To Every one that is having Windows 8 tile problems. I noticed that when i use a program that "cleans the registry" or dose something to the registry my tiles stop working run a registry backup or uninstall then re install all live tiles via the store. DO NOT USE REGISTRY CLEANERS OR ANY FORM OF REGISTRY EDITOR. this is from my own experience.
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    I have never seen any of the problems that many people seem to get, and I deal with several dozen people with Windows 8.

    I am of the opinion that a large percentage of those that have problems with 8, are due to self-inflicted injury. Using optimization tools intended for 7 or earlier that end up hosing things up. Other problems are due to upgrade installs. Yet more problems are due to people wanting to wrest control back from the OS and take over areas that are protected.

    When you ask people about these things, they like to tell you how they know what they're doing, and how many years of computer experience they have, and that they're not stupid.

    Uh huh.
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    On optimisation tools, I'd say that I've tried most and they are pointless. The registery is just a text file and old entries etc are of no consequence. Cleaning a drive of so-called crap is also fraught with danger. Many apparent "tmp" files are far from temporary. Many seemingly useless folders with funny names are essential to some software or other.

    I'd challenge anyone to show me benchmarks demonstration a measurable improvement as a result of using these utilities.
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    Well, there are tangible benefits to a cleaner registry, and clean temp file directory. The registry is not a text file, it's a binary tree database. The more cluttered it is, the more work must be done to find things., particularly when the registry must be "scanned" like what happens when Explorer is looking for plug-ins. But, I do not recommend registry cleaners and instead prefer a re-install or system restore.
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    Sorry, you're right, it isn't a text file. But I still say it has no perceptible effect on operating speed so is best left alone.
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    Yes Yes but my reply is simply showing what is making the live tiles stop working lol.
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    dual boot windos8windows7

    Some AV suits causing problems with windows 8 tiles;i have experinced problems with Avast Internet Security 8,when i uninstalled Avast tiles working again;check if your AV suit block windows 8 tiles;do this test try to disable your AV then reboot PC,and then open a non-working tile to see if working.If you still have issues post hier
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Windows 8 Tiles Not Working 64 bit
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