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Day 1 clean install - experience

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    Day 1 clean install - experience

    So I signed up for the $15 offer (the PC in my specs is barely a month old and its a completely new CPU + MOBO) clean installed and I am very impressed. Win 8 is definitely faster all round, you can really feel the difference, and the swag of both new features and built in features(anti-malware app, USB 3, storage spaces, rejigged kernel to start with) are well worth the price. I'll be upgrading my gaming PC and HTPC over the month to 8 too.

    As for the hate, its all rubbish. Win 8 is dead simple to use, dead simple to install, and dead simple to maintain. Try and learn the Modern UI and you'll be well rewarded. Win + Q all apps, Win + C charms, Win + X power menu, and the start menu is excellent once you properly configure it. Type to search. It took me less than 2hrs to get to grips with the UI. Really, don't miss out.

    I only wouldn't upgrade if you are running an old system, anything below the old i5's 750 or i3's 530's isn't worth it (Core 2 and below). If you want all modern benefits you really need modern hardware with a SSD. For example, the basic Ivy Bridge i3 in my specs is faster than any Core 2 or Phenom II except in heavily multithreaded apps.

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    I couldn't disagree more that a core 2 duo or below is too old and not worth upgrading.
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    My Core 2 Duo @2Ghz/3Gb RAM runs the 32-bit CP OR the 64-bit RTM with ease.

    Hell, my old Pentium 4 @2.8Ghz/1Gb RAM rocks along nicely with the 32-bit CP.

    Haven't tried it on the Pentium 3.....

    But the 64-bit RTM (Enterprise) simply FLIES on this i7 Sandy-Bridge....
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    My old laptop with a Core 2 Duo and 4GB RAM, just flies with Windows 8.
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    My core2 duo works fine, I have no trouble with windows 8 RP and Win 8 RTM.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pparks1 View Post
    I couldn't disagree more that a core 2 duo or below is too old and not worth upgrading.
    Agreed in fact a core 2 duo with 8GB memory and SSD makes for a really low buck and kick ass Windows 8 system.

    The old P4,s are so slow by comparison.
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    RP ran and Pro Evaluation runs great with no problems on my old Acer T690 3 gigahertz dual core and maxed upgraded 2 gigs of mem. I'll slip a video card and a HDD in this machine and I'll be good to go. I plan on getting a touch screen as well. I'll dual monitor with my old one. No need for a new machine. I valley happy!
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Day 1 clean install - experience
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