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It is here!!

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    It is here!!

    Well, out of curiosity today, I went to my local not so best buy to see if they're prepared for Windows 8 this Friday.


    Windows 8 EVERYWHERE! It was phenomenal! Touch AIO PCs! Gestures! Apps! 10 point multitouch input! Even tablet hybrids!! WOW!!! It was spectacular!!

    I limited myself to three PCs, two HP AIOs and the Lenevo Yoga, as some might know as being an interesting tablet hybrid with interesting moves. A little hefty, but cool.

    I have seen the promise of Windows 8. I've held it, touched, and swiped, WOW. Go to your local best buy and see if they have their stock ready, and give it whirl. You don't know Windows 8 until you've touched!

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    I went to Staples today and they don't have it yet. But, I'm just going to download it from MS Friday.
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    Thanks for the news! Good to know some are already releasing.

    Quote Originally Posted by Coke Robot View Post
    You don't know Windows 8 until you've touched!
    Don't know about this part (can be a good commercial slogan though) the mouse works very well on my system.
    I even use a mouse on my phone (shhh, don't tell anyone about this...) and consider to get mouse traps for in the attic, I don't touch the merchandise yet.

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    Were you the only one interested, or was there a crowd?

    A Guy
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    I noticed today when trying to purchase a new machine from Dell that the default is was now Windows 8. Had to actively select Windows 7 for it.
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    I'll be going to "Not So Best Buy" in town first thing tomorrow morning for sure!
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    Best buy got some business from me yesterday when I bought forza horizon. And Amazon got business from me too as I bought some new audio technica headphones for home use. Even if I loved Windows 8, I would have to hold off on spending any more money until I get paid again. Darn those kids and bills.
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    There wasn't a crowd at the time I went there, as it was like 2 in the afternoon. My friend that works there tells me after the school season starts, patronage drops like a rock. I remember a while ago everyone on the floor was maintaining displays. But there were a few people buying a new PC, obviously a new laptop. But I would imagine this Friday and this weekend, they're going to be a bit busy.

    I'll be going with my friend tomorrow almost all day or as long as I need to, because I plan to touch ALL the PCs! I'm also going to be introducing them to the hybrid form factor, like the Lenevo Yoga. WOW! I'm just so excited!
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    I plan to hit Best Buy after work, on Friday evening just to see what it's like. I will post results, and potentially pictures so that I can share this excitement with you Cokie.
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    Oh Lawdy!! I spent a few hours today at best buy...


    I take back some of my crap against Xbox Music, this is WILD! After signing into it with my Microsoft account, WOW! The power of the cloud happened before my eyes! My last played tracks and my playlists from my home puter synced over to view. And I was able to play my playlists! It just streamed the songs from the Marketplace! WHAT?! My mind hurts that was amazing! I took my friend with me, and showed her the touch laptop, the Lenevo Yoga. She's really interesting in seeing the Surface primarily because of an advert she saw at work for it. She likes the idea of touch on a laptop hands down, on a desktop not so much. But after I introduced her into this paint app, Fresh Paint I believe (FANTASTIC WITH TOUCH!) she seemed to be really interested in touch on a desktop.

    My friend that works at best buy was working there and he was telling me that the stock that they have so far on the floor isn't even HALF of everything. Some workers were arranging new things that arrived. He said that their backroom is full of Windows 8!! SO EXCITED!! I'm really looking into getting my hands on an RT tablet and trying to understand that, and playing with Office 2013 with touch if it's decent to use with.

    I also happened to use the Desktop with a stylus. The stylus was sucky as it was a rubber tipped one covering the tip. But my idea of using touch with a stylus on the Desktop is DEFINTITELY possible. Window snapping was easier, highlighting items was better, and just was more precise. I literally spent about a good hour and a half from yesterday and today with this HP Envy TouchSmart with a 23 inch screen, WOW. I only used the mouse probably a few times to correct an error in spelling, this touch thing with Windows 8 is amazing. Yeah, touch computing on a desktop was iffy with Windows 7, as it had two point multitouch monitors, but Windows 8 is like a breakthrough. EVERYTHING basically worked perfectly with touch, my concerns with buttons being too small on the Desktop were vanished.

    Windows 8 is great, I say this with whole hearted confidence.

    Also, for the first time ever, a macbooks air was in stock at my local amazon showroom, although it was just in its box. Since I was there for so long today, my friend that was working there called me over a few times. He was helping this couple that must had asked about it, and he had me explain why apple isn't that great compared to Windows 8. The couple came over to me a bit later when I was playing with my HP AIO puter and asked about Windows 8 and I think they said that they were going to buy the AIO I was on, and they obviously could tell my enthusiasm for Windows 8 and touch!

    There were a few more people, mostly younger and middle aged, that were looking around with Windows 8. It seems interest is there, although there was this girl that was looking for a laptop that was concerned with the new Windows version and hardware compatibility that wanted to play it safe with 7. That concern I don't believe is there with Windows 8 and device support, it's just whoa.

    I will be going in tomorrow, and relish the future! My body is ready.
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It is here!!
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