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It is here!!

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    But you liked it right?

    A Guy

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    Oh did I?! I DID!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by A Guy View Post
    But you liked it right?

    A Guy
    LOL! One big ball of rolling holy enthusiastic thunder he is!!!

    I never did make it over to the store this morning due to business and, ummm, there was a certain lady that needed my attention this evening. I must needs go tomorrow for sure now!
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    I went into three of our local retail computer stores this morning (Oct 26) and big disappointment.

    No big promo like they had earlier in the week, nothing on the shelves even. I had to ask where all the win 8 stock was and they had showed me a box of software on a shelf behind the sales counter

    They are certainly keeping it a low key launch over here!

    Anyway, all they had as far as boxed software was Win 8 Pro in a couple of different colored boxes to choose from.

    I expected to see a few versions in box for sale, at least..

    1. Windows 8
    2. Windows 8 Pro upgrade
    3. Win 8 Pro full version

    What are you people seeing on the shelves?

    All up, It's been a bit of a fizzer as we say over here.
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    Well today on the official release, I was there for about three hours playing with everything. The crowd didn't pick up till around 2 in the afternoon. And well, people were interested in the Windows 8! From what I saw and heard, it seemed to be pretty positive to it. Actually for example, I was typing on the touch keyboard on the Lenevo Yoga, and a guy came up to me and asked if I was well versed in Windows 8, as I am, and we were talking about Windows 8 and such. He told me that he spent 1,100 dollars on a 64 gig ipad to basically to use it like a laptop as he went back to school to finish his degree. He said he read about Windows RT and 8 the night before and wanted to check it out today. We were discussing RT, but he said he read iffy reviews about it and was concerned about hardware compatibility. He really liked the Yoga and the idea of touch and really liked how Windows 8 can be the tablet and laptop replacement in one. He also said he bought is ipad just a few weeks ago and was really pissed at how it can't even do Office style work without the icloud crap or being a derp and emailing yourself everything; he'll be returning his ipad for the Lenevo Yoga. It's about 1,000 dollars, but it's pretty competent, an i5 processor, 4 gigs of RAM, and a 128 gig SSD with 10 point multitouch and just flips around and can do quite a bit. Overall though, I was actually surprised at how people responded to it. My friend that works at best buy came over to talk to us and he showed us the touch ultrabook (very cool!). The guy was sold, and left to return his ipad. At that moment, a couple of other people came over to the ultrabook and were discussing it. One of the guys playing with it was saying how it was pretty neat and might buy one for his wife as a Christmas gift.

    My local best buy still didn't have all their stock out for Windows 8, but were working on it. They had the Asus Vivo RT tablet available to purchase, but not on display. I'm looking forward to touching around with Office 2013!

    Also, I was playing around with the Yoga laptop, and using the touch keyboard, the one that is onscreen. WOW! Seriously right now, my doubt about using a touch keyboard on a tablet, GONE! I was replying to an email and typed out a pretty good length and it definitely felt I was typing pretty quickly. I firmly give the touch keyboard on Windows 8, both on tablet and AIO desktop PC a solid A! It's the BEST touch keyboard I've used from a smartphone or an ipad or an android tablet! PHENOMENAL! I could buy a Surface and wouldn't need to buy the keyboard it's that great! It took a bit to get used to, but when you get into it, you just fly with it! I like the sound response it gives, I think I might re-enable the keyboard sound on my Windows Phone when I fix the screen.

    Very good day today!!
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    I also just thought of this, very few people were playing around with the ipad. Honestly, I think I only saw maybe three or four people out of a decent crowd of people look at it.

    Microsft, mission accomplished!
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    In my area, the computer section was hardly any more busy than on any other night. I was in target and it was as if Windows 8 didn't even exist. Didn't see anything, but then again , they don't sell computers...just netbooks and ipads.
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    I took my daughter out to dinner for her seventeenth birthday last night and asked if she would like to go with me afterward to see the Windows 8 stuff at our local Best Buy. Her eyes lit up. Sure! It was Friday evening at around 7:00. The store was fairly busy with most in the computer section. Roughly 10 people there. Keep in mind that this is not one of the big stores. They told me it was a "community" store. Also, neither one of us has ever used a touch screen before.

    When we reached the department we were greeted by a young, friendly sales person. I asked where all the Windows 8 items were. She led us to the aisle of mostly ultrabooks. Most of them had 8 loaded. She pointed out the ones that had touch screens. Those were marked by a little placard at the top of the screen.

    Here's the kicker. I asked her if they had any Surfaces on display. With a very puzzled look on her face she asked "Is that a kind of Windows 8?" I had a little chuckle in my mind. I smiled and explained that Microsoft is getting into the hardware business and had released a hybrid pad called Surface RT. Do you have any on display? Still puzzled looking she got on her communication device they all wear and asked someone about the Surface. Surface? Hybrid? were the answering questions. Ahhhh. No.

    It was then I pretty much knew we were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Lol! I looked around and noticed that all of the sales personnel were all in there twenties, young thirties at most. I asked within myself "Don't these sales people keep up with the times? Doesn't management teach them these things?" Apparently not. If it isn't on the shelf on display, they know nothing of it.

    Anywho, we played around with 8 on touch screens conversing back and forth discussing the new UI. I liked it as much as I imagined I would. I think my daughter did as well, for she asked me if I could buy her one. Lol! I think she's ready to move on from her old lappy. It's interesting to see the young seek new technology.

    We'll visit the bigger Best Buy in the bigger next town over soon, as my daughter suggested being the power shopper that she is.
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    I was at a bona fide Microsoft Store in Costa Mesa, CA yesterday. Yes, there was a line of people waiting to get a new Surface tablet. I manage to take some photos in the store...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Coke Robot View Post
    I will be going in tomorrow, and relish the future! My body is ready.
    Excellent feedback to hear, thanks Coke Robot!
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It is here!!
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