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i read on norton forum, next version number 16 of ghost is needed for w8. not out yet.
That's what they ALL say, they want to sell you their stuff!
As a sidenote, I've been using NERO 7 without any probs on W7 although if Nero is to be believed, it's not supported. However true that may be, not supported <> not working! I've switched to Nero11 but ONLY because of the BluRay burning support lacking in 7 and not wanting to switch to alternatives.
OK, on topic now: been working with GHOST 11.5.1 and it never failed me. Mind you, I've put it on a rescue disk (W7PESE) and I boot from that disk, I'm kinda "Cold imaging" my Win8 partition. I also use the partition-to-partition backup, same thing, never failed me.

I agree NORTON is not offering much other nice stuff bundled with the Ghost app, but then again, I don't want anything else than the ability to perform reliable backup/restores from my Windows partitions.

Oh, btw, I have a single Windows 8 partition, no separate (hidden) system or restore partitions, everything is on C:
However, should anyone have a hidden partition (for the BOOT directory it is very common), just backup that to an image as well. Just make sure that you image them all at the same time in order to avoid breaking any dependencies between your partitions by having 'out of sync' backups.
And last but not least, I'm not a Norton fanboy, I'm just using it without any complaints. If anybody has other backup sw of choice, fine. Colleagues of mine are using Acronis and are also satisfied users of that product.