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Poll: Windows 8 users, are you using a 3rd party start menu?

View Poll Results: Are you using a 3rd party start menu?

71. You may not vote on this poll
  • Yes, I am using a start menu replacement but would be fine without it.

    2 2.82%
  • Yes, I am using a start menu replacement but would be unhappy without it.

    20 28.17%
  • No start menu replacement.

    39 54.93%
  • I am not using Windows 8 because I do not like the Metro UI.

    10 14.08%
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    Posts : 354
    Windows Server 2012 Standard w/Hyper-V

    I am using Windows 8 as is. I have used the Start Screen in various ways, first trying it as just a launcher, then using it to separate Modern UI apps from Desktop applications. After recently reading an article which makes reference to the Start Screen as a dashboard, I've started tooling around with that concept, and really like it. Since I'm already a fan of hot keys and the run command, and since I generally just hit the Windows key instead of clicking on the start menu (in Windows 7), I can honestly say I like how Windows 8 runs and has operated with my previous position (using Windows 8 on a dual-Xeon workstation with two 24" WS displays) and my current position (using it on my HP ProBook).

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    Windows 8.1 Pro

    Nope, haven't used it in over a year.

    The Start Screen for me has been used as the menu, with items on the Taskbar. It's now my backstage where I launched everything from as I've gotten so fluent with, I use it so often it makes sense. I see no functionality lost, in fact, it gives more freedom to arrange things to my liking. It's a UI to Start something and a UI to see updated content at a glance.
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    Posts : 40
    Windows 8.1 Update 2 x64

    I am currently using Start8 but have started to appreciate what MS was doing by removing the Start button. With a little more time I could probably remove the start button all together as I've become quite comfortable not using it.
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    Interesting results! I am somewhat surprised at the number of users who do no have a start button replacement program. I was expecting the majority to at least have a start button replacement installed but be fine without it.
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    Posts : 534
    Windows 7, Windows 8 RP

    I stopped using the Start Menu when I installed Windows 7 so the change in Windows 8 made no difference so no don't need a start replacement.
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    Windows 8.1 Pro

    The old start menu is so unnecessary, and when you do want it, apps are laid out in a much better format. People don't like it simply because it's different
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    Nope, dumped start8 the same time I dumped w8. Just not enough of a gain in any department to stay with it.
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    Windows 8.1 Pro x64

    A start button does not concern me, however as soon as the Windows 8 tablets are available I am buying one (not RT) as I think Windows 8 belongs on a pure touch device.
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    Windows 7 Ult Reatil & Win 8 Pro OEM

    Am using W8 Enterprise with Ex7ForW8 hack to restore original W7 Orb/Start Menu, fully functional exactly as is in W7.

    Has toggle switch used in active GUI to interchange between Explorer7/Orb start menu, and Explorer8/Metro.

    W8 flies with this set up, and Ex7ForW8 runs seamless.

    No Orb/Start Menu ... no W8 for me.
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    Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada
    Posts : 6,490
    Windows 10 Education 64 Bit

    No Start menu mod for me. If Windows 8 doesn't work for me out of the Box I won't buy it. It doesn't, not on my non touch desktop PC's or my laptop. If I manage to get myself a tablet that will likely end up being my only Windows 8 device.
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Poll: Windows 8 users, are you using a 3rd party start menu?
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