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I use a regular PC - any reason I should consider Win8?

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    I use a regular PC - any reason I should consider Win8?

    Hey all,

    I've done a lot of research on Win8 so far. I like what I'm hearing about the performance and security improvements. However, I'm wondering if it's worth the upgrade over Win7.

    That is, on a standard desktop with a mouse and keyboard. As you can see in my system specs, my box is fully capable of running Win8. I'm just worried about Metro. What are your thoughts about using a keyboard and mouse with the Metro UI? Are all the other improvements worth it if I already have a fast and stable system? Will I still be able to run my games and programs?

    Thanks guys for the answers !

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    There are a lot of nay-sayers about that and all you have to do is search this forum and read the thousand threads and 10,000 posts about it.
    I don't have any difficulty using it with mouse and keyboard, however......
    I also use Classic Shell and bypass it initially, but I do use the metro screen to access other stuff. And still it is not difficult to use.
    Yes it is different, but it is not show stopping by any means.

    As another note: I am on Desktop more than on Metro Apps.
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    Welcome to EightForums, McDougal.

    Oh boy! Your going to get as many opinions as there are members. Try it -> Use it -> Only you can decide for yourself.

    For me on my older Acer, it rocks. I won't need to buy a new rig or build one. For those with newer, more powerful rigs it's not as noticeable, but rather older machines it is. All I really need is a video card and a HDD and I'll be good to go.

    For me it seems to be more secure, but no OS is 100% foolproof. Virus/worm awareness along with good surfing habits are important.

    Some like the new Modern UI, some don't. Some like navigating with it, some don't. I happen to like it. It's more fluid to me.

    I'm not a big gamer, so I can't comment there. Recent benchmarks are out on that. It will run legacy programs on the desktop as good as 7 did.

    What seems to be the big problem with professional power users are no Start Menu with menu nesting , full-screen Modern apps (no paning), and the learning curve to name a few.

    Welcome to the big change. May the Force be with you.
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    I use the Start Screen as a dashboard, of sorts, and use the Desktop for browsing, MS Office, and virtualization. This is on a non-touch screen laptop. I have no issues using Windows 8 with my keyboard and touchpad.
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    You really just need to try it for yourself, and make your own informed decision.. it's wise thought to question it's value and just not accept that because it is new that you should use it. It really does have some features going in its favor.
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    Top 5 Reasons
    1. Speedy Boot Time
    2. Innovative & Dynamic Desktop
    3. Improved Search Function
    4. Windows To Go
    5. Windows Live Syncing
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    Like everyone else has said, you need to try it out for yourself to have a valid opinion. This type of thing is subjective.

    Speaking of such, I find no issue with it. You can find people who blabble and rant and rave over the changes as something horrid and requires the second coming of Christ to fix, but you might find that to be overly blown over the top. Even the reviews of Windows 8 over at the show that. I personally have used Windows 8 for over a year now, on my desktop, with a standard mouse, touchpad, touchscreen, and the Microsoft Touch Mouse. There literally is NO impediment whatsoever. With some arranging of tiles, you might find that things are quicker to get to than before, as it's more visual. It does take a bit of getting used to, but it doesn't take too long, especially when you have us here at Eight Forums to help out!

    As for performance, WOW! It's so efficient it shames the word efficient! It has a hybrid boot feature that literally cuts boot time in half. Relevant information trickles into the live tiles to show you updates without taking up system resource. The processor usage is streamlined to the point where some people have noticed legitimate temperature drops in their systems using Windows 8 over 7. There is also the greatly improved security in Windows 8 that honestly, I think I might not ever need to deal with malware on other people's PCs in the near future. It's solid, it's stable, it's fast, it's flexible, it's great!

    I'd go for it and test it out with the 90 day Windows 8 Enterprise Trial to see if it's worthwhile to you. I should also mention, you might want to consider getting a touch gesture mouse as it makes navigating that much better.
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    My own experience is that outside of bootup and shutdown it does not have much to offer in terms of performance gains.
    Works fine and seems stable, just doesn't add up to something I would toss w7 to use.
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    Sure, go ahead and use it. As soon as you install it, download classic shell to bring back start menu and start button, and to bypass the metro nonsense all together. Easy peasy.
    Welcome to Classic Shell

    The bottom line is simple, you do have a choice, you do not have to put up with the metro nonsense.
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    Windows 8

    Although the Metro Interface may be a little cumbersome to use it with a mouse and keyboard at the beginning but you'll soon get use to it. Despite this however, if you really is upgrading to Win8, you may want to consider buying one of the newest touch mouse or something from Microsoft.
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I use a regular PC - any reason I should consider Win8?
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