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Metro UI acting weird in RTM

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    Windows 8 RTM

    Metro UI acting weird in RTM

    Just installed RTM today.

    When I try to go into the Start screen, everything looks normal (icons were refreshing). When I move my mouse, all the icons and text disappear, leaving me with the background. Hitting the Start key brings me back to the desktop. When I try to go to the Charms bar, the icons pop out, but when I hover over, they start flickering.

    When I switched users out and in (from myself), the UI worked, but not for long, and the apps didn't work. Also, at times, nothing pops up when I hover over a corner of the desktop.

    Can anyone help?

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    Server 2012 / 8.0

    Hello onetimeoneplace. Welcome to Eight Forums.

    For anyone here to help it is useful to know more about what you are using. If you can, please give more complete details in the My System Specs area or just provide more information in your post. Type of computer, CPU, anything special about your graphics processor, screen resolution, type of drive / configuration ... etc
    - Post a Screen Shot of an issue - Winkey / Print Scr
    - Did your new installation ever work properly?
    - Check your device manager for flags or exclamations.
    Thanks ...

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    Windows 8 RTM

    Updated specs.

    No flags on Device Manager, no issues on Action Center.

    Other than the Metro issue, it's working perfectly.

    Can't get a screencap now (Metro corner icons won't show).
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    Server 2012 / 8.0

    Download the free GPU-Z to check your GPU temperature.
    No problems before with previous OS?
    Get the Windows 8 NVidia 64bit driver.
    How does your system work (metro screen on laptop) disconnected from the external monitor?
    Have you installed any unusual programs?
    Shell replacements?
    Did you upgrade or do a clean install on unallocated space?
    Nice computer.

    Click image for larger version
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Metro UI acting weird in RTM
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