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Windows 8 preview on xp

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    Windows 8 preview on xp

    Hi, Can someone please help. Last year i installed W8 preview onto a Vista 32 bit machine.This i was able to do simply just by downloading it and is still working fine.

    Last night i thought i would try the same on an old XP machine as w8 will be released very soon, however i found out it is not that simple on xp.

    I went to the Microsoft download center expecting to find a xp download,however this was not the case.
    I found detailed instructions referring to making an iso image.

    The instructions went on to say download a USB/DVD download tool if using XP. also an Microsoft Image Mastering api v2 and also Microsoft.Net Framework 2.0

    When i tried this i came across the Genuine validation tool, when i attempted to validate i kept getting a message saying the validation tool was out of date and to get the latest version. i have looked every where for an up to date version, but with no luck.

    I did via Google find out that i had to use IE and not Chrome for the tool to work is this correct?
    Anyway i tried again this time using IE still no luck.

    Is there not a simple way like when i downloaded W8 preview onto the Vista machine?

    Regards and thanks in advance Dominic.
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    You will have to follow this tutorial.
    Create Bootable USB or DVD with Windows 8 ISO
    Then, boot to the DVD or USB. You'll have to change the setting in your BIOS.
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    You can usually update the validation tool by using Windows Update.

    Do you install updates? What service pack do you have?
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    Hi 714,Sorry for late reply,the download link you gave me was the same Microsoft instructions I was trying to download without any success .

    However this time I downloaded and made the bootable DVD on the old Vista machine ( now windows 8 preview), and not the Xp pro machine.
    When I went to install the DVD onto the Xp machine, it installed up to 95% and then a message appeared saying that the hardware was not compatible .

    So I was almost there,I did not alter any bios settings as I did not really know how to,and there was no mention of this in the tutorial .
    I assume that the bios settings would have no effect on the hardware?. is this correct.

    Thanks for you're reply and once again apologies for delay in replying.

    Regards Dom

    Hi Mystere, THanks also for you're reply,I have sp3 and use Windows Update.
    I overcome the problem by making the disc on the old vista machine,rather than trying on the do machine .

    Regards Dom.
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    What are the specs of the computer (XP). Make and model number?
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    HI 714, Spec as follows Toshiba Tecra M9 Model number PTM90E-05700WEN Other details xp pro version 2002
    Intel(R) Core Duo CPU T7500@2.2GHz 789MHz, 1.99GB of RAM
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    A T7500 should run it easily, my T6400 @ 2Ghz does.


    It will NOT run the 32-bit RP. It will run the 64-bit version with ease, however.
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    714 More Info

    System Type X86 processor x86 Family 6 Model 15 stepping Intel 2194Mhz

    BIOS VER DATE 1.80 6/11/2007 SMBIOS VER 2.4 Boot Device \d3vice\h-arddisk\vol

    Total Physical mem 2.048. MB Avaible1.40 gb

    Hardware abstraction layer VER = 5.1 2600.2765 (XPSP `50928-1517

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    KAT Are you saying that if i use the 64 bit download to make the disc ,it will work ?

    Regards Dom
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    Yes, go to the link I posted earlier, and try the x64 version and see if it works.

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Windows 8 preview on xp
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