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How to survive with very little disk space on a tablet ?

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    How to survive with very little disk space on a tablet ?

    I moved to a Samsung tablet core I5 with Windows 8 Enterprise and I have to survive with very low capacity SSD drive. After W8 Intallation, O13 installation, and a strict minimum of corporate applications, I'm left with less than 21 gig available space for my files ... It was already hard with a 128 gig SSD, things have just gone worst. I do not plan to plug an external hard drive all the time ...

    1) I added a microSD drive of 32 gig, but... I cannot add up this drive to any Library (documents, pictures, video or music), any idea how to force the system to accept the microSD as "permanent drive"

    2) I need a cloud / server cache system that would enable "partial sync" for offline files (not always connected to Internet)

    3) Any search tool to recommend that is also searching emails since W8 doesn't search into Outlook files ost and pst (W7 did this)

    Thanks :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ahuart View Post
    1) I added a microSD drive of 32 gig, but... I cannot add up this drive to any Library (documents, pictures, video or music), any idea how to force the system to accept the microSD as "permanent drive"
    Yes - you can trick the libary by using a shortcut. See here for instructions: (scroll down to "Adding removable storage to a library")
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    Which Samsung tablet are you referring to? I have the Samsung series 7 slate with 128 GB SSD. Did you do a clean install of Windows 8? 21 GB left sounds like you did not do a clean install. Do you have a folder on your drive called Windows.old? You might have a folder by that name if you did not do a clean install. If so, you can delete it.

    That said, I did a clean install and put a lot of apps on my slate, and still have over half of my 128 GB left. There is a free program you can download called WinDirStat. It sorts your whole drive by largest file and folder sizes descending. That way you can see what's taking up your drive space.

    Please give me a little bit more info on your system. I don't think you need a micro SD drive at all. Something has eaten up all of your drive space.
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    Your corporate software installation must be huge if you are left with only 21GB of free space. My Windows 7 image, with apps installed is around 30GB once on the hard drive. That should leave you easily with 80GB of free space.
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    Windows 8 Enterprise

    The Samsung Slate for sale in Europe has a 64 gig hard drive and, yes, I did a clean install ...

    If you know how to open it, I'll be glad to upgrade the drive !

    Click image for larger version
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    I don't have a Win 8 tablet but have an 8G Nexus 7 tablet which does not have storage expansion capabilities. I use apps like DropBox, Google Drive and SkyDrive to give me additional storage. I do need a wifi connection for these options but, in the case where I don't have wifi, I can use my Wi-Drive or plug in an external USB thumb drive. Would any of these options work for you?

    For corporate use, 21G of disk space should hold a lot of data. It's things like video and music files that chew up lots of disk space in my experience.
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    Have you tried lowering your pagefile? You can also disable hibernate, but you loose the benefit of fast startup if you do.
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    Looking at your screenshot your user profiles are taking up the most space, perhaps some clean up or archiving is in order.
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    I'm sorry I didn't realize you only had 64 GB to start with. The Samsung Slate is a great little tablet, but so much more than a tablet IMHO. It is quite fast compared to my Core 2 Duo desktop at work. I also have 4 GB RAM on mine.

    There are other things to consider. You could try to compress the data files using the NTFS compression attribute on a file by file basis or folder by folder basis. I generally avoid binary files and executables when compressing because of performance. You won't double your disk space, but it can help. It can be a lot of work deciding which files to compress. For example, don't compress your whole user profile unless it has no executables. But start with the folders and subfolders using the most drive space. Just a thought!

    Also I don't know how to update the drive. I've already searched the web and there is no official way to do it. I'd like to update mine to a 256 GB SSD. I did find one report of a user upgrade, but it is not for the faint of heart and most certainly will void the warranty...
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    I'm a little confused I have the same tablet, the confusion arises as in your first post you mention 128GB SSD but in a latter post only 64GB SSD which do you have?
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How to survive with very little disk space on a tablet ?
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