If I had known this, I would have done it sooner. I have been running Windows Vista Business for quite some time and wanted to try the Windows 8 preview release without ruining my Vista install. So, I opted for the Windows 8 dual boot.

This worked except every time I selected Windows Vista from the Windows 8 boot loader, the system rebooted from CMOS level and then went in to Vista. Subsequent reboots would default back to the boot loader.

Now this weekend, Vista started doing a full system lockup about two minutes after loading. So after working for a bit on the problem, I decided to do a Vista reinstall, which I did.

Now, that worked but in the process replaced the Windows 8 dual boot loader. The convenient part about that is that when I select Vista, the system goes in to Vista instead of booting from CMOS level and then going in to Vista.
What I could have done after installing Windows 8 preview release was to do the same reinstall of Vista, then go in to Windows 8, rename the new Windows Vista folder and move everything back to windows from windows.old.

I have since done that and now use the boot loader that comes with Vista. Much easier.