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    Windows 8 Search within Libraries

    Hi all

    I'm currently running my Win8 system from a 125GB SSD with all my music, movies etc. on a 1TB partitioned SATA drive. My libraries are all set up to point to the different partitions and they are also included in my indexing options.

    I'm having a problem with searching within my libraries at the moment. My Music is not returning any results when I search directly within the library, yet when I search my C: drive the files are displayed (with their paths showing their correct paths e.g. M:\My Music\Beastie Boys.....)

    This is currently an annoyance more than anything at the moment but I would like to try to fix it to use the best of the windows search functionality!

    Any ideas welcome!

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    Maybe the index was corrupted? I would suggest you to try to rebuild the index.

    In indexing options, click advanced and you'll see the option to rebuild index. Mind you, it may take hours to finish!
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Windows 8 Search within Libraries
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