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Win8 Ultrabook Lookout

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    Win8 Ultrabook Lookout

    I hope to buy a Win8 Ultrabook with the following specs:

    Dockable tablet, 1920x1080, Core i5 or i7, <256gb ssd, ati/nvidia dedicated gpu, Intel widi

    Something like this can easily replace a desktop, laptop and a tablet, but all I've seen so far is win8 ultrabooks with atom cpu, no dedicated gpu and no mention of widi or wireless display. Anyone have their eyes on an upcoming ultrabook with similar specs?

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    Hi Redsand. You must live in an area with high iron content? Iron county, Wisconsin where the sand is more red than red! The whole area around Lake Superior due to the fact it was a volcano crater once upon a time.

    I'm looking for something mobile. The ultrabook may be the way to go. I've been eying the hybrids like the Surface, but not so sure on them recently. I'd rather shell out a little more to get a lot more.

    I think you to be correct in saying that the ultrabook might just replace everything, save the smart phone. I see some are upgradeable as well.

    Wikipedia has an interesting article including a good list of what's available and what is to come.

    For me it will have to have a touch screen. That's a must. I'm not partial to the trackpad or the mouse. More of a keyboard shortcut user and liking the touch navigation. Touch is a marvelous UI.

    I think jimbo is a member to read on, for he's a Pro that does a lot of traveling. He makes a lot of sense to me in that area.

    Good topic BTW, for we have entered a new era of computing. Smart phones, padds, and now MS catching up with 8. It'll be challenging to buy what I need and want.
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    We got some Ultrabooks in at my work a few weeks ago. A Dell XPS13 and a Dell XPS14. Unfortunately, they don't have a dockable tablet and they don't offer 1920x-1080 graphics, but they do offer all of the other things that you mentioned. They are core i5's, can be had with large SSD's (although very pricey from dell, would buy 3rd party and install myself), the XPS14" has a dedicated nvidia chip, it offers wi-di, and the resolution is 1600x900.
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    For your needs, an ultrabook at the moment doesn't exist I think without hand over fist prices.

    I was actually about to post this link elsewhere on a different thread, but as you say you want something of a mobile AIO PC...

    Hands On With The Kupa UltraNote, A Modular, Customizable Tablet That Makes Windows 8 Shine | TechCrunch

    This sucker right here peaks my interest. It's a tablet hybrid that is interestingly modular. Meaning, you have a few different add-on accessories along with a keyboard dock. It packs of your choice of an i3, i5, or i7 processor and it also has an external battery option that Kupa claims a whole 12 hours worth in total, seven without.

    I don't think it has a dedicated graphics chip from AMD or NVIDIA, but it may suffice, or it may have one. But from what I've seen, a traditional laptop will be packing a mobile dedicated graphics chip. Something like that in an ultrabook or tablet hybrid form factor will be later in the future. I'd guess from now to six months, you should see that happening.
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Win8 Ultrabook Lookout
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