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Valve hates Win 8 - Ready to make Steam games work on Linux instead

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    Valve hates Win 8 - Ready to make Steam games work on Linux instead

    Valve thinks Windows 8 will be a big flop for gaming. They hate Windows 8 so much, they are readying all Steam games to work on Linux.

    Valve not sold on Windows 8, working on Linux support for Steam as a backup - News -

    Newell believes that Windows 8 could be a catastrophe for PC gaming and by expanding onto Linux-based operating systems they can help keep their prospects as broad as possible.
    He said, "I think Windows 8 is a catastrophe for everyone in the PC space. I think well lose some of the top-tier PC/OEMs, who will exit the market. I think margins will be destroyed for a bunch of people. If thats true, then it will be good to have alternatives to hedge against that eventuality."
    "The big problem that is holding back Linux is games," the Valve founder explained. "People don't realize how critical games are in driving consumer purchasing behavior. We want to make it as easy as possible for the 2,500 games on Steam to run on Linux as well. It's a hedging strategy."
    This is Huge for Linux fans. And it's about time. Windows is awesome but lets face it, many people stick with Windows just because of gaming and that's not right.. Microsoft really does have a monopoly on PC gaming. This may the the catalyst that brings Linux kicking and screaming into the 21'st century.

    If Valve works diligently to make a compatible system to direct x work well in Linux (even if it is based in Wine) this could signal other developers making games for Linux. Linux already has great OpenGL support but not many games are coded for OpenGL these days. This could sway devs heads and send Microsoft's gaming monopoly packing.

    Valve isn't alone in these views. Blizzard Entertainment expressed similar views also. Blizzard joins Valve in voicing concerns over Windows 8 - News -

    As did MineCraft and Mojang dev Markus "Notch" Persson Notch: Windows 8 could be "very, very bad for indie developers" | GamesIndustry International

    as did I'd Software's, John Carmack, Carmack: Nothing exciting about Windows 8 - Video Game News, Videos and File Downloads for PC and Console Games at
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    Microsoft responds to the above criticism. Microsoft Responds to Windows 8 Hate From Game Devs

    Even Microsoft's own Silverlight dev team rallys against Windows 8. Silverlight Developers Rally Against Windows 8 - Slashdot

    Windows 8 on ARM won't even play x86 apps or games. Sorry devs, Microsoft says Windows 8 on ARM won’t run x86 apps | VentureBeat another bad sign for gaming.

    What I find interesting in the above reply from Microsoft is the fact that X-Box Live and support for all Windows Live games are built into Windows 8. In this they claim the Windows 8 is a "Gaming Platform". To me it looks like more of Microsoft trying to maintain a monopoly on PC gaming.

    Don't get me wrong, I love Windows and PC gaming. I have been a PC gamer for over 20 years and don't even own any console systems. PC gaming is best in my opinion. However when Microsoft takes steps to forward their own gaming division with their operating system, and shut out other gaming devs, there is a problem. The above reply from Microsoft reads more like a defense of their own agenda rather than agreeing to be compliant with other gaming technologies. This could mean more badly optimized console clones for PC and less true PC games.
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    Stardock's Wardell used words like "schizophrenic," "obnoxious," and "nightmare" when describing the OS earlier this year.
    Do you think he being was kind.
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    On the flip side of this argument, critics of Valves view think that this is less about Windows 8 being congenial to other gaming technologies as it is more about Windows 8 App Store bundled with Windows 8, competing with the Steam service.

    New Statesman - Valve panics as Windows 8 prepares to drink Steam's milkshake

    But it's not just the "locked down" nature of the platform that scares Newell. His real concern is what Microsoft is doing with Xbox Live integration. If you download a game from the Windows 8 app store – and only from the Windows 8 app store – you get achievements, access to your friend list, and other perks that come with Microsoft's online gaming service. Steam, Valve's own app store and a tidy little earner, may find it difficult to compete. A similar squeeze is happening on the Mac, where Apple's App Store has, from yesterday, integration with their Game Centre service.
    To this end Valve has now introduced a new app store which serves applications as well as games. Valve opens Steam store to non-gaming software ? The Register

    Anyone remember the browser wars of Internet Explorer and Netscape? This reminds me of the that controversy. ( I still use Netscape, I Love it)

    And yes, SIW2 I think Wardell was being a little harsh. LOL We'll just have to see what the future brings.
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    Sounds like talk to me....

    What they're more against is the fact that a company like Microsoft that has a gaming platform with the PC and a console that's been kicking Sony and Nintendo up and down the block for years with their distribution power and channels are stepping into Valve and Steam's territory. They call Windows 8 disastrous and "hard to learn." Which coming from hard core gamers, I find silly. Really? You can complete the most difficult and immersive games of all time in a matter of weeks but call Windows 8 hard to learn? Posh.

    But, if you take a look a the PC gaming hardware makers like NVIDIA and AMD, they're jubilant about 8. NVIDIA already has ARM based chips for WinRT tablets and both NVIDIA and AMD already have updated drivers already near official release for their graphics card for 8, so they're obviously not bashing or abandoning the platform.

    This might be a case of fear more than anything that Microsoft might effectively take their business ground away.
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    I have been using Windows 8 RTM quite happily to play games on Steam, and pretty much everywhere else, as usual pre-release its just a massive storm in a teacup over nothing. People WILL use Windows 8, and people WILL game on it. If those whiney indies and Valve want to miss out on that revenue thats up to them, but right now nothing changes from a gamers perspective aside how they CHOOSE to load their games.
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    Battles going on everywhere!
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    Their statements should read more like this, people forced to use Windows 8 can still play our games via the desktop or modern start menu or they can use the new Microsoft games apps to buy things, OR people who choose to stay on Windows 7 can continue as they were, but we don't like this modern UI so we will paint it as evil and anti-competitive.... Never let the truth get in the way of a sensationalist story I suppose
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    There are so many people that are going to eat their own words over Windows 8 it is not even funny.
    Because IF Windows 8 is any kind of success, they will develop for it to make money.

    They can develop for Linux, that is fine and probably necessary and long over due. But if people don't switch to linux in droves (as I assume they expect) they will be right back at dev'ing for windows without any hoopla (or more importantly) "Hey, we are back to dev'ing for Windows, isn't that fantastic, we are awesome aren't we?"
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    Maybe it's much ado about nothing - in fact, it probably is. From what I have heard from someone who develops material independently for a gam that Steam markets, they're not the easiest folks to deal with. He has since opted to stop marketing anything else via Steam. Of course he may end up going back to them if that's his primary source of revenue.

    So, bottom line, it could be that Valve is getting a taste of their own medicine in some ways. I doubt that in the long run the Windwos 8 app store is going to make a big difference unless they're worried now that MS will market games that compete with some popular Steam apps.

    A little competition can't hurt the consumers in the end, though, can it?
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Valve hates Win 8 - Ready to make Steam games work on Linux instead
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