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Age of Empires II a Gold Edition Install. Help?

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    Age of Empires II & Gold Edition Install. Help?

    I have Age of Empires Gold Edition which includes Age of Empires I and Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome expansion. I also have Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings. Both are Microsoft CD games that were bought many years ago. Age of Empires 2 was made in 1999 and the Gold Edition is 2003. I was able to get these to work on my Windows 7 computer, but after needing to get a new computer I cannot get the games to work. I now have a Windows 8.1 HP laptop. I am able to get both games installed and even start both games, but once the game starts, it pops up with an error message and I can't do anything more. Sometimes it will even tell me to reinstall which I have done at least 5 times. Is there a way I can fix this, or do I just have to buy new versions on Steam like other forums have suggested? I would prefer to use the CD-ROM games I have still if possible. Anyone know if and how I can get these games to work on the new computer? Let me know if you need more computer information to be able to help.

    I am not 100% computer savvy so please give easy to follow instructions.

    Thanks a bunch to whoever can help!
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    Welcome to the forum.

    What is the error message?

    Compatibility with software that old, particularly games, is often a problem with newer operating systems. Obtaining updated versions is usually the best option.
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    Expanding on LMiller7's post:
    Those very old games are most likely 16 bit; they will work on a 32 bit version of Win 8(.1) under compatibility mode.
    However, if 16 bit, they will not work on a 64 bit operating system.
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Age of Empires II a Gold Edition Install. Help?
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