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    Diablo 3

    After waiting over ten years, Blizzard Entertainment has released Diablo 3, WHICH CAN ONLY BE PLAYED ONLINE, even though you pay $60 (US) for it. After a six-hour download, and 1.5 hours of fighting with them to give me a password, it works great on Windows 7.

    Five people have posted on their forums about Windows 8. Three said that it works great. Two said that they are having lag problems, but that might be because of the server. I tried to find out if they had also played it on Windows 7 but got no reply.

    I posted twice (they deleted the first one) to ask if I could transfer the game to Windows 8 when it comes out, but got no reply. The consensus seems to be that Blizzard is having enough problems as it is without worrying about Windows 8.

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    Diablo III works perfectly on windows 8 (for me). Zero crashes, Zero additional lag (D3 has lag at times on any machine).

    You also do not have to worry about installing the game any number of times on ANY number of computers you want. The reg code is NOT for the game install. It is for your game account. (This is one of the GOOD things about it being an on line game actually).

    So you can install it anywhere, 50 times off the same disk. Then play it anywhere, including your friends install at his house with no problem just by signing in with your account. Though I would use one of the blizard RSA fobs if you do that, just in case...

    You may not have gotten an answer to your "transferring" question because there is no such thing. Might have confused people
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    Blizzard has had enough issues with Diablo III without taking Windows 8 into account. It's good to hear that it's working for others, but I wouldn't expect that Blizzard cares too much right now as to whether it works or not since Windows 8 has not been released.

    I have this game as well. It's annoying that you have to be online, but at the same time, it's nice that all progress is stored within your BattleNet I don't have to worry whatsoever about backing up game saves and such on my machines since it's all in the cloud.
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    FSeal, thank you for answering a question that I couldn't get answered on the Diablo 3 forums. How did yu transfer the game from Windows 7 to Windows 8?
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    Windows 7/8

    Oh I get it, you meant you need to transfer the already downloaded install files :/ I though you meant transferring the license like how you have to unactivate PS on one machine before activating on another, sorry

    That I can't be very specific about, I bought a disk and was just using that from machine to machine :/

    If you downloaded the files like you normally would any file using IE or FF, then I would guess that finding them in the downloads folder and burning them to a DVD or copying over a network would be fine.

    If the bulk of the files were downloaded using a small stub D3 installer, then I don't know where they might be
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    I have my hard drive partitioned for both Windows 7 and for the Windows 8 Preview Edition. I used "My Computer" to drag the Diablo 3 file from 7 to 8. It installed easily, although the firewall objected a few times about D3 going onto the internet.
    As soon as I signed on, Blizzard locked my account, but they quickly re-opened it when I answered my secret question.
    At first, the screen was off-centered, but that was easily corrected. But now it is a little too big for my monitor. The game played more slowly for the first few minutes but quickly corrected itself.
    After playing for about an hour, I cannot see any improvement or any drop in quality from playing it on Windows 7.
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    Windows 8: RP

    I'll stick with the first Diablo thank you.
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    I'm with you, Jeht. I love all three Diablo games. I'm unhappy about D3 only being available on the web, but it's still a great game.
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    I've been thrilling to the adventures of my heroes on Windows 8 Pro for a week now. Diablo 3 plays with no problems.
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Diablo 3
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