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FIFA 16 doesn't launch on the main user account?

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    FIFA 16 doesn't launch on the main user account?


    I'm not sure if I'm posting it correctly here, or should it go under games. I suppose this problem can happen with other programs, that's why I chose to post it here.

    So I downloaded FIFA 16 demo before the release date and every time I try to launch it, I would get a windows message saying FIFA 16 has stopped working and then forces you to close it. I tried playing it on my laptop and it worked fine. I thought there was a bug with the demo so I just let it go for now( never had this issues with older FIFA games or any EA game in particular. All run fine till now).

    Then the game was launched officially and the game itself had the same problem. So I contacted EA support. Told them the problem and I went through a series of fixes that they thought we necessary but only two worked, They weren't fixes but work arounds. The first was setting up a new user account and the game launched perfectly there. The second was running windows under safe mode (running a clean boot didn't work either). So they transferred me to their "specialists" and asked for my DxDiag and MSinfo files. Eventually they returned saying to contact microsoft as the problem is within windows and has nothing to do with EA (weird because FIFA 15 still works on there).

    So I contact microsoft asking them for a fix or a way to repair/reset my account so I wouldn't have that problem. The tech guy said he was confident that he could fix it but for a fee of $99. I'd rather just reinstall windows or just play off the other account for now till i'm less busy than pay $99 to fix that.

    So I thought I'd ask here if anyone has any suggestions for me?

    Thank you in advance
    Karim Abdelrahman

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    A Demo is just a Demo. So where in the world did you download this "Demo" from.
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    I did say that I tried the FIFA 16 demo and the actual game..... Anyway both from the Origin (EA) Client
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FIFA 16 doesn't launch on the main user account?
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