I installed Myst V End of Ages onto my Windows 8.1 pc without problem up to the point where DirectX 9 was required. DirectX 9 failed to install but Myst V was still left on my PC and would load OK except there were no images just a black screen.
I uninstalled Myst V using ‘Add Remove Programs’ in Control Panel and tried to re-install it again but now it won’t install at all.
I insert the disk and select the option to install Mystv.exe, the Install window opens, I select Install and the ‘InstallShield Wizard’ runs then a small box with the heading ‘Installer’ appears and that is it nothing else happens. When I click the box to remove it another box opens with a warning that it could not delete a temporary file. C:\Users\DG’s\AppData\Local\Temp\ismp002\4375904 The last few numbers change every time this warning appears.

Can anyone help me to sort out this problem and get me back to being able to install my game.