Hi all. Well this problem is sort of really complicated and complex, and I'm not even sure if this is the right section to be posting it, so I do apologize. I have tried researching this problem but was not able to come to a solution.

So I play this online fighting game that utilizes P2P, where basically players "host" these rooms where 1-7 other players can join (maximum of 8 including yourself), and you play and fight with each other in like a Street Fighter kind of way. I never installed my Windows Updates until I recently heard about the free Windows 10 reserve, so I went ahead and installed a bunch of "Important Updates" and "Optional Updates."

I was able to reserve Windows 10, but ever since the installation, I would have bad connection "lag" to these other players if the room has 4 or more players. This was never the case before. I have tried resetting my router and even reformatted my computer and the problem still persists. I have a strong suspicion that one of these Windows Updates may have caused this. Is there even a possible way to pinpoint this exact problem and uninstall/ turn of the update?

Thank you.