Ok as the name suggest i face hard screen lags when gaming only, regardless of which games i play: Titanfall, NFS:Rivals, Battlefiled 3. (Havent tested on Steam games). By Hard screen lag i mean the screen suddenly lags and stop updating, sometimes even showing (a picture?) of where i was in the game quite long ago.

So if i juz started a race in NFS lets say and 1hr later i have a screen lag showing me of the race start location.

Anyway this have been constantly going on for weeks now. Also these lag usually happen after an hour or so of playing but sometimes happen like 20mins into the game. I have ruled out overheating of my cards as an issue 100% sure. Game freezers at low temps, gpu at ard 70 degree and cpu at around 75 degree too. And there is no sudden spike in the temps or load juz before the freeze. If you would like i can attach the temps graph.

- No BSOD occurs, only game lag and i close it in task manager, many times , it wont even show not responding.
- I have also run 3D mark, and no hard screen lag occurs when running
- Many suggest lack of ram, but ive got 16gb ram...
- Currently No antivirus, so cant be antivirus causing issue.
- This is a fresh install of windows 8 too, bios updated. Link to previous issue solved.: BSOD after Bios update, and fresh install of Windows 8

Any help is greatly appreciated.