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multiple errors when playing minecraft

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    Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit

    multiple errors when playing minecraft

    I have been playing some modded minecraft with friends on a server but I have recently been getting crashes and power downs to a black screen after about 20-30 minuites, the windows event viewer is showing as a veriety of errors, 41 kernal power and 10016 Distributed com are my main concerns, is there any easy way to fix this without reinstaling windows, these errors only appear when playing the game as the computer is highly stable when I am playing other games or doing general productivity tasks, I have a screen shot of the errors so could it be possible for fixes to be found?Click image for larger version

    can anyone diagnose what specifically is causing these errors so I can attempt a fix as this is really starting to get on my nerves.

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    these errors only appear when playing the game as the computer is highly stable when I am playing other games or doing general productivity tasks,
    I'm sorry I can't be of more help - but doesn't your own quote supply the answer... a little anyway.. - if you only have a crash in 1 single game, then it's the game! minecraft!

    so post those errors and your issue in the minecraft developers support forum for a start. Maybe you already have..

    but anyway, what do you mean "powerdowns to a black screen" ??

    and it's "modded" on top of that.. but I assume your friends don't get these errors and powerdowns?
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    Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit

    the computer powers down then takes an abnormally long time to boot up, that is just the general pattern of the errors, its the same cycle of errors every 20-30 minutes and I am the only one getting these errors to my knowledge, the issue does not appear to be directly to do with minecraft however it only occurs when playing this modded build of minecraft
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    If your computer has never shut down at all on any other game or intensive program, then as weird as this sounds (because minecraft is a little itty-bitty game) it sounds like Minecraft (modded) is over-heating your computer and it shuts-down.. that sounds like logic to me no?

    do you have a tempature monitor?
    use Hwmonitor or Tempcore, or Realtemp, or just go on and/or google hardware monitors. so you need a tempature monitor to be running and watch that while playing minecraft every 5 minutes.. alt-tab out of the game if it lets you.. or play for 15 minutes then quit and quickly look at the temps..

    I mean do you hear your fan revving up to the max before it shuts down??

    start troubleshooting things like running Minecraft unmodded first.. play for 30 minutes+ longer.. and see if it overheats.

    this is just standard stuff.

    but your computer completely shutting down is a bad sign of overheating/power issues.

    thats all i got for you now till you look up how to make your fan run at max speed and also see how that game runs unmodded.. if it doesn't shut down after 45min or 1 hour (if you can play that long,) then you pretty much know its because of the UN-optimized crappy code and developers not doing their job programming. (typically in the game industry today..)

    these are just my views..
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    Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit

    Temperatures appear not to be the problem as they rarely exceed 40c even when under heavy load and playing minecraft. and given I usually play games on ultra settings at 1440p yet a teeny weeny 1080p window of minecraft causes all these problems, I think I am just going to have to completely delete/uninstal the game and all files and see if reinstalling them fixes the problem but I doubt this will be a permanent fix
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    I mean if you know that your computer didn't exceed 40c while playing minecraft, did you also note what was going on processor-wise? did you see how many cores are being used and what speed your cpu is running? did you see the temperature of your videocard?

    computers shut down for power and heat reasons.. you either have bad power or too much heat. If it's not either of those, as you say you play other demanding games and it doesn't shut down, all this tells me and you, is minecraft modded is so horribly optimized that it freaks your videocard/processor/power/whole computer out and completely shuts down. which is just ridiculous.. because computers don't just shutdown unless heat or power is or isn't efficient enough.. or there is a major component/capacitor that just blew up inside...

    Where is everyone else on this forum that usually chimes in? Thats all I got for you for now..

    Uninstall it and definitely try it unmodded, and of course go back to the modded version. Start seeing what your other friends who do or don't have that issue have for hardware and power supplies and videocards etc..

    and then all you can do is run diagnostic programs from your motherboard manufactures website..

    I'm sure others will hopefully have more advice..
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multiple errors when playing minecraft
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