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Hamachi Minecraft Server

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    Hamachi Minecraft Server

    So... I posted this thread because I just made a test server on my PC and I am using Hamachi as a virtual LAN and I want to see if anyone could help me build it up until I can get my Server bought and to get my router port forwarded.

    Specs: (These are a bit crap because I have really bad internet that I am going to fix)
    Ram:3.5Gb Dedicated RAM
    CPU: Quad-Core AMD 1.8Ghz Processor
    Hard Drive: I am allowing up to 200Gb of Hard Disk because I don't really know what is ideal
    Network: KC Communications (7.5Mbs UP, 3.525Mbs Down)
    SlotsIt will say 20 on the Server but I only have 4 other available other connections for Hamichi)
    Other Info: I have disabled the nether because I have a feeling that will slow the server down having multiple servers running but depending on how popular the server will be I will add multiple servers and higher specs.

    If you want to come on this Server please tell me on Skype: Theo Sheovelot

    Also... You will be staff while the server is up early and you must know what you are doing.

    Hamachi Information:
    Password: None!
    Minecraft:1.6.4 (Because that is easy to run on Hamachi for some reason)

    Thank you for reading

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    Plus It won't be on for a couple of days.
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Hamachi Minecraft Server
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