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Very Slow Game Textures Loading After A While

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    Very Slow Game Textures Loading After A While

    Hi There!,
    So the problem is as i said when i play a game like GTA iv first things are workinglike a charm and then after 30 min the textures will load really slowly and that happened like before a week ago, So anyone can help me.

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    Hello there midou,do you have problems only with mentioned game or with any game you play?
    How about temperatures?How does the 680 behave?
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    Hi,(your name)
    Thanks for the reply, yes on all the games i have (GTA IV, Battelfield 3, Skyrim The Elder Scrolls....) i tried to clean the junk on the PC but did not work,
    The temperature...umm like usual nothing different.
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    Drivers?still with 337.88 or updated to 340?
    I have been called ptbg,a quick abbreviation,has worked before,Savvas is the name!
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    Ok Savvas(i like to call people with their own name not a shortcut or else),
    Yes the driver is updated.
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    Can it be related to the update?Noticed that it occured after updating?Maybe trying to downgrade to 337,had some issues,340 is not found under recommended,at least not as we "speak".
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    No dude it didnt occur after the update before it a little bit.
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    Feeling handy enough to take a look at any "swollen" capacitors?I could easily advise to try the GPU in another machine,but you probably have already or you dont have a spare-backup PC.Or do you?
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    Any news midou?Wanna stress out the card with MSI Kombustor?
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    Hi Bro,
    Sorry for late reply but i was really stressed for my budgie (sparky) anyway what does MSI Kombustor do?
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Very Slow Game Textures Loading After A While
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