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Minecraft is running slow

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    Minecraft is running slow

    On my windows 7 computer, even with over 9000+ viruses ( it really had 9000+ viruses its been in the shop for almost a month... ) it worked perfectly. I'm on windows 8 now and its going slower and lagging a lot. I play a room away from my internet router/modem so i shouldn't get that bad a lag. My friend has an alright laptop but his is windows 8, he gets more fps then i do. We both have the same mods to. and all i use is optifine. I get 30 maybe even 40 sometimes. He gets 50-70 stable fps just regularly. My computer has no viruses, So anyone have any ideas why this is?

    Also if anyone knows a good recorder that my computer can use that be great ~~~

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    Good thing we have another minecraft player on here!

    Here's waht you need to play minecraft like butter.

    RAM: 2GB or More (Recommended)
    Processer: 1ghz or more (gegeahertz)
    And Java

    If you meet his, go to setting on minecraft


    Clouds: set to none
    Something lighting: none
    FPS: Set it until you can move smoothly



    Capes: No


    Other settings

    VSync on: No. (This causes mine craft to be slow)

    Tell me if these help
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    The Minecraft System Requirements are the following:

    I posted a summary from a previous post and here is excerpt from it:
    Minecraft FPS drop since upgrade.

    I have MineCraft and do not have the same problem as you. IT is NOT a Windows 8.1, Windows 7, MAC OS issue.

    1.The game is not depended on the OS you are using. so Don't Bother with compatibility mode since that will not help. The game does not use anything in Win32 or winrt or Direct X.

    The game MineCraft depends on JAVA. So that means you should check if you have the latest version of Java from:
    Java Downloads for All Operating Systems

    Download both 32-bit and the 64 bit Java. The game should use the 64 bit one once installed.

    2.The second thing Minecraft depends on is your Graphics driver specifically the Open GL. Open GL is not provided by Windows (Direct x is the interface to Graphics) so it is Graphic Card drivers provide that support. If you don't install the graphics driver from the manufacturer you run into the problem.

    If you upgraded try uninstalling the driver and downloading a driver specifically for Windows 8.1.

    Lastly check your Temperatures. You might need to clean the dust out of your PC.
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Minecraft is running slow
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