Relatively new Dell computer, Windows 8.1. While playing Bingo Blitz on Facebook, the screen will occasionally flicker/flash to black then back to game. This was a minor annoyance. Now it's happening more often and has started fairly often that it gets stuck on the black screen. The entire screen isn't black, just the game portion of it (I can still access my facebook controls at the top of the page, switch to another web page, or exit out to desk top and the screen is fine). If I exit out of facebook and go back in, the screen will often still be black only for the game. I have to close the browser and reopen to get a normal screen. This has been happening probably at least once or twice per day. I'm using chrome for the browser. Have not tried IE as this particular game has a lot of other issues in IE. I have not had this happen in any other program or activity, only when playing the game. I've cleared out temp internet files several times and that doesn't seem to help.