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Is there a good method for controlling music in-game?

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    Is there a good method for controlling music in-game?

    Hello, I'm CrazyKilla.
    I play a lot of games and have a set of buttons on my keyboard which can regulate sound such as increase and decrease volume, pause and play and change songs. These buttons do not work on some games (e.g. Skyrim) and they do on some games (e.g. Counter-Strike GO). I'm fine with all the buttons other than the volume changer as it changes the master volume of everything that comes out of my headphones.
    I'd like to know if there is some software, hardware or maybe both that I could get that could give me better control of these things (e.g. a sort of USB or wireless device that can be used to control my music). I use iTunes which isn't very good so I'm fine with changing to a better program. I have also ordered a bluetooth USB so that I can use my phone to control the music but I don't like using my phone as I have to have it with me all the time (which I never do).
    Also what is your opinion on sound cards? I've never had one and never needed one. I use my on-board sound hardware and it has done me fine up to the point where I got my msi board and my microphone stopped working with Realtek drivers. Does sound quality increase much with a sound card and is it worth blowing some money on one? What are it's real advantages?
    Also can someone recommend me a headphone set that has great audio quality and surround sound?

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    When you play a game it usually have it's own set of controls for sound and simply take over from windows controls and the keyboard.
    As far as discrete sound cards go, some are better and some even worse than built in CODEC chips. It would have to be much better (and expensive) card to have noticeably better sound than modern on-board chips.
    P.S. Antivirus is not "for pussies" any more than helmet when driving motorcycle or spare parachute, it's for smart people.
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    Antivirus is for "for pussies" is just a comment I made due to my view on antivirus. If you know your way around the web you don't need it. I certainly don't.
    What would be the average price of a much better than on-board chips sound card?
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    Sound Blaster Titanium HD is about first sound card above built in ones. Check in your area for prices.
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Is there a good method for controlling music in-game?
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