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Generic system shutdown temperatures seem irrelevant?

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    Generic system shutdown temperatures seem irrelevant?

    Hey guys,

    Hopefully this thread is in the right place.

    I own an Acer Predator gaming PC, and specifically, it has an American Megatrends UEFI BIOS which is presumably modded my Acer.

    In the advanced settings, both ''System Shutdown Temp'' and ''CPU Shutdown Temp'' are off by default.

    So as the overly cautious-verging-on-paranoid when it comes to melting circuit boards, I turned both on> Strangely it didn't let me customise the temps for system shut down (I know my Haswell chip for instance has safe operating temps well above 85c)

    So, after switching both on, I ran a Prime95 torture test - I was monitoring my temps, and after about 3 or 4 minutes my CPU & Motherboard temps hit 72c. My system then shutdown. I turned off those BIOS settings as it seemed pointless for a system to shutdown at 72c. Am I wrong here? Do you guys reckon that because I can't specify the values for shutdown, it just goes with the lowest common denominator?

    My last question is; if I leave these BIOS Settings off, will my Haswell chip/system shut itself down if the temps get too high anyway? Cheers!

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    Prime95 will test your RAM, CPU and parts of the MB which interface with the CPU and RAM for stability, it does not monitor your temp. If the PC shutdowns then that means your PC is unstable. Of course, the temp will rise when you do a torture test but it is not the cause for the PC to shutdown.
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    Thanks for your response.

    I forgot to mention, after turning both of those BIOS related shutdown settings off, Prime95 did not cause a shutdown.

    I think it's not a coincidence that Acer left these BIOS settings off on a gaming machine, as when turned on, it shuts down at a mere 70c. I was trying to get insight on American Megatrends default temp values for system shutdown.

    I monitored my temps using standalone software. To clarify, my system is fine, I'm just baffled why the shut down temps are so low for the BIOS values.
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    Quote Originally Posted by topgundcp View Post
    Of course, the temp will rise when you do a torture test but it is not the cause for the PC to shutdown.
    Uhhh, I'm sorry, but yes it is. :s That's what this thread is all about mate!
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    There are few different temperature limits, shut down temperature, where your CPU will shut down on it's own, than there is optimal working maximum temperature above which it's considered that long time usage is detrimental for CPU's longevity. Than you have "Core temperature" and "Die Temperature" which can differ by a large margin.
    They may have set that pretty conservatively in the bios for warranty's sake.
    The best thing you can do is to increase cooling of CPU and case to higher level than those often mediocre "out of the box" cooling solutions. With better than stock cooling and fans properly set to increase speed only when warranted you'd get quieter operation most of the time.
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    Ah okay Count Mike, I was just familliar with the two shutdown temp's I mentioned

    Yeah oddly enough, System Shutdown Temperature & CPU Shutdown Temperature (the CPU one must be independant of the core i7's auto shut off mode, which I understand is something the chip does irrespective of BIOS settings)

    So as you say, it must've been set conservatively, and Acer being Acer; with not much access to custome BIOS, they prob couldn't alter that. I mean, my GTX 770 can reach temp's far above 70c (I keep it at just below 70 thanks to customer fan curve) And my Motherboard and i7 4770 reach about 72 degrees on full load. That's probably why they left the BIOS settings off I guess.
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    Yes, Acer is "baby Asus" so no surprises there. As I OC everything I see and put my mitts on, I always check with manufacturer for specs sheet for particular model and go by that as far as voltages and temperatures go. I turn off all the energy savings and automatic settings even before starting to OC. After gradual OC at every step I torture test and check temperatures throughout the process. When temps under tests get to 10 - 5c under CPU's max declared temperature, I stop OC. Never lost a CPU or any component to overzealous OC.
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Generic system shutdown temperatures seem irrelevant?
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