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Golden Chase, Online Games Make Money Real ($)
What it goldenchase?

Goldenchase is a land-based investment game with gameplay that is easy, simply by arranging the purchase of a dwarf with a capital strategy that has ente. In the goldenchase, the greater the value of investments ente planting here, the greater the profit per day to be had and the sooner you can get back to the capital, or commonly called jg ROI or BEP.

Advantages of investing in goldenchase play are:

Profit is not limited in number, why is that? Because the dwarf that you buy will never die, aka permanent
Not wasteful electricity, why is that? Because you do not need to be online for 24 hours to get profit from there. The system is the same as mine Bitcoin online by purchasing a site that provides the GHS in the mining services
Profit continues to grow every day without the compound, why is that? Because you can utilize the existing mine here to buy dwarf over many, many more ente dwarf who has the more dollars you can get

To register goldenchase can through this link: "GOLDEN CHASE" - Economic Game
To register a payment processor can go through this link: Payeer® E-Wallet - Visa,MasterCard,Cirrus/Maestro,C???????,?????????,SWIFT,IBAN,SEPA,Okpay,Egopay,Ucash,W1,Yandex..

Payment processor used is Payeer, Payeer can conduct transactions directly into EGOPAY, OKPAY, Perfect Money, and Payza. Taking the balance of goldenchase to Payeer is instant and the only processor that can be used there.

And the MOST IMPORTANT to note is, this site gives a bonus for initial deposits by 55% and this could be a benchmark for future strategies for ye are a lot of regret because of this. Once logged in you will get into the game and will meet a lot of the menus there.

Free Menu Toolbar Menu Golden Chase:
1. My Profile, to view your profile as shown. Balance (Purchase) is a balance that can be used to buy a dwarf, Balance (cashout) is a balance that can be used to drawn into dollars. Payment Points is the number of points that have ente, usefulness is as a condition to attract gold Ente got in the Balance (cashout). To draw the balance from there, for example you want pulling money $ 1 ente need 3500 Balance (cashout) and 1 Payment Point. Income by the number of referrals is that you get the balance of the person from whom you got your referral link and the balance will be entered into the Balance (Purchase). Payed is the dollar amount that you have got from the site.

2. Dwarf Cave, here is a place to buy a dwarf, there are various types of dwarf with different price and quality, with the right strategy then you can quickly make a profit from this site. Click on dwarf HIRE you want to recruit.

3. Storage, a place to accommodate the results that you got mine dwarf, dwarf the different colors different crystal mined.

4. Trade Shop, where you sell dwarf mine, the percentage of sales was 70% goes into Balance (Purchase) and 30% goes into Balance (cashout).

5. Daily Bonus, bonus points for taking daily, maximum 100 gold.

6. Referrals Competition, a place to see the ongoing contest winners on the site.

7. Dwarf Set Bonus, here you can see how much you get bonus dwarf depends on the amount of investment that you have.

8.Lottery, 21 games, Roulette, DWARF SLOT, here you can play a variety of minigames that are there that can be used to add and Payment Balance Point that you have.

9. Exchangers, here you can redeem Balance (cashout) that you got into Balance (Purchase) with a bonus of 20% of the balance that you redeem.

10. Profit Calc, here you can calculate the profit that you get a total investment according to your input to the site.

11. Your Referrals, menu to see the number of referrals you have.

12. Cashier, here a place to make a deposit transaction to the site.

13. Orders Payment, this is where to draw the balance of the Balance (cashout) to the dollar and to see payment history.

14. Chat, here you can chat with other existing investors in the site

15. Setting, a place to change your password

To set the strategy in the dwarf adapted to the investment you have. Rate crystals, the dollar, and gold in this game are:
100 Crystal = 1 Gold
1 USD = 3500 Gold / Balance (cashout)
Required to withdraw the balance payment points, $ 1 = 3500 Balance (cashout) + 1 Payment Point
The first deposit bonus of 55% gold

It could be a benchmark above you in determining an appropriate matter for profit there. To obtain payment points, you can get it from referrals, which is a special dwarf mine the payment points (sleepy and Dopey) or get per day with the following nominal 0.1 Payment Point.

Here I will give you a reseller sellers Payeer dollars that could be used for investment there, daily stock which generates $ 13 more per day that is also the source of Goldenchase. You can directly add fb resellers Payeernya Son Mas Rendy Corie:

Join Group Golden Chase:, to each other and ask each other about bersilatuhrahmi Golden Chase this game ..

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