Back in 1996 Z was all the rage and now itís back with its tense strategy action.

When Z was released it proved to be an easy to play but tough to master strategy game and turned out to be a real classic. The good news is a remastered version of the game with all the original features is out tomorrow.

ďItís finally here, and Iím pleased to say that Z: The Game on PC is everything we wanted it to be,Ē said Managing Director of Kavcom, Tony Kavanagh. ďWeíve built it from scratch for todayís PCís, but have kept all of The Bitmap Brothersí unique style, humour and attitude. Iím sure Z fans old and new will just love it.Ē

Z was no Command & Conquer, which was all the rage at the time, but it was damn fun to play with itís tense strategic gameplay. If youíve never played Z then we recommend you check this out when itís released tomorrow. The Bitmap Brothers really did release some great games.

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