Hello all, I am new to the forum.

I am looking into getting a Razer Edge or Razer Edge Pro as my next computer. I have a couple questions, however. What is the battery life on both of these tablets, and what external/secondary/backup batteries are available? Is the overall user experience proficient, and is Windows 8.1 available on it? Next, are both good for some gaming such as Titanfall, old Halo games, some Steam games, and possibly would it be compatible with very old Need For Speed titles such as the original (Not the new one) Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit or High Stakes? How heavy is the tablet, and I can't afford the dedicated gaming case/controller so would a regular PS3 controller work for gaming? I am mainly going to be using this computer for school (In mostly every class period), the games I specified, watching DVR'd shows via the DIRECTV GenieGO, usual social media/internet browsing, and as I am learning HTML graphic design and coding. Would this tablet meet my needs, or is there a better choice for me? Also, is the docking station worth it for this device or not? Let me know your thoughts.