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Silent Hunter 4 in Win 8.1

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    Silent Hunter 4 in Win 8.1

    I have been running Silent Hunter 4, (patch 1.04) from Ubisoft, since day 1 in various versions of windows including 8.1; now it wont work? With, and without, RSRDC. Even down to ver 1.04 with no mods. no luck. Ideas anyone? Win 8.1 has a auto compatibility software, which works in others but not SH4, even manual compat does not work, nothing new there.

    Ok figured it out. This is the latest version of 8.1 and not the original I once used. The auto compat required a reboot after installing SH4. Then run the program , exit to windows and then you get a pop up asking if it ran right as Win 8.1 has applied compat setting automatically.

    I ran it, checked it, closed it and then put RSRDC patch and sounds mod back in - works fine. Still to see if any probs during game as I have not ran a scenario yet.
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Silent Hunter 4 in Win 8.1
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