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Why Is FIFA 14 Only 1000MB In Windows 8.1 App Store?

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    Why Is FIFA 14 Only 1000MB In Windows 8.1 App Store?

    Hey Guys, Yesterday I was moving around the App Store and suddenly I saw this:-

    FIFA 14 app for Windows in the Windows Store

    This is the PC version of FIFA 14. But one thing I can't understand that is the size of the game specified on the App Store of this game is only 1000MB? How can this happen? Big-big game take more space that this, Whereas the same game FIFA 14 takes around 8.8GB to install on Xbox One. So how can this Happen?

    Please Help me, I am confused...........


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    My initial response to seeing this thread was that the extra files and drivers are included in the download. Initially if you get stuff from the Windows Store, it covers download and installation rather than just downloading an executable file (.EXE). Also, you have files and folders which go into your Program Files folder in your C: Directory so they are covered in the size. Usually, downloads are about 10-200MB files and the files you install from them range from about 500MB to around 1-20GB. The difference in file between the PC and Xbox One is that the Xbox One file is 7GB larger, and the reason for this is usually because the file size from the Xbox Live store is what you would expect to find on the disk for FIFA 14. Your confusion is not likely to be just yourself, but I hope this information seems helpful. If you need any more explanations, let me know
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    The short answer is its probably a scaled down version. I haven't looked but have you read the actual description of the game? I'm pretty sure it's a scaled down version for portables like tablets.
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Why Is FIFA 14 Only 1000MB In Windows 8.1 App Store?
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