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Can't play games

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    Can't play games

    Hey all, I can't seem to play games on my windows.
    I'm using a macbook pro, using boot camp, i've installed the drivers that came with bootcamp and checked and updated them in windows 8. I have tried booting pre updating and post updating and it didn't work either time.

    The problem seems to be that whenever I boot up a game, it will get to just before it starts and then crashes. However this is not true with all games. So far I have played:

    Pinball FX 2

    (Not working)
    Gta IV (Gets to social club login (not in game), then after pressing play offline or play, the screen disappears and nothing happens)
    Mass effect (Crashes at a configuration screen you need to use before playing for your first time)
    Civilization IV (Claimed it couldn't find steam)

    Thanks anyone for helping.

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    Windows 8

    Found the problem whilst playing around with Civ V.

    I'm running a mac and it seems the direct x 10 and 11 doesn't want to work with it at the moment. Uninstalling and telling everything to go to direct x 9 makes it all work fine. You'll need to reinstall all games if using steam.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrlittleduck View Post
    Uninstalling and telling everything to go to direct x 9 makes it all work fine.
    How to mrlittleduck?
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Can't play games
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