I also run Atari ST emulators, and I have my Original 1985 on the internet with cab, as well as my megast, ste, megastes, TT , and falcon. I been around the block alot.

I up your bluntness by one and call lol...

However, I have always considered ST users the best of the best, and I have never had a problem deferring to one that is better then me.

Since I have more things running on WINE then successfully helping my friends with Windows8 and since the Windows8 issue is repetitive, and I have NOT seen the fix in 2 years and since its directly related to the handling of Directx within the OS that has been changed and causing the issue of slow response.

Atari ST emulators do not require Directx to the best of my knowledge.
They run on the same premise as open gl.

Atari hackers/modders and creator of emulators use open source software.

That is why with regards to Gaming, Open GL games are working great.

Games using directx, are the ones that are slow, and its a glitch in the backwards compatibility of directx in the windows8 release.

Now I am ALWAYS OPEN TO BE HUMBLED!!! Infact, thats is what I want....

And if you can get the game I have modded that runs on anything from WIndows95 to Windows7, uses directx8. & 8.1
I will eat that humble pie.

Until then, there is an issue with directx backwards compatibility, and if you look its pretty well documented.
What the issue is, is whether the error gets corrected in the next release or past on...

The first post is regarding games running slow.
The only games that I am aware of with issues are those who followed microsofts directx instead of open gl, because...... Directx was going to be backwards compatible...
Because ALL these games DO run, but unfortuneately RUN slow on Windows8 and its release of directx and run in full speed on Windows7 and its release of directx is what those users are running into with regards to old playable games.

My game is on this forum, I am very serious when I ask, if you can get it to work at full speed, on windows8 and can state what you did (or didn't) have to do.... then great. That is what people are looking for.

If you have been inthe atari scene of past, you might recongise my handle, it hasn't changed in 29 years.