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System Freeze while playing any games on ideapad y510p

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    System Freeze while playing any games on ideapad y510p

    bought lenovo ideapad y510p a month ago and its been a havoc since. every time i play games, it begins to freeze or hang after 20-30 minutes. im running windows 8 64bit factory installed. all the drivers are from lenovo itself. this is very frustrating and i feel like cheated after buying 1300$ USD notebook that doesn't runs well.

    seeking professional help to rectify this.

    Computer Type Laptop
    System Manufacturer/Model Number Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p
    OS Windows 8
    CPU 4th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 4700 QM
    Motherboard Lenovo VIQY0Y1 (U3E1)
    Memory 8 GB (2x4GB DDR3 L1600)
    Graphics Card Nvidia GeForce GT 755M and Intel HD Graphics 4600
    Sound Card Realtek
    Monitor(s) Displays 1920x1080
    Screen Resolution 1920x1080
    System Freeze while playing any games on ideapad y510p Attached Files
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    updated log with latest dumps. please move this thread back to bsod section
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    question, do you get a bsod?
    I also have a Y510P, there is a common overheating problem, while playing games. Please give the temps of the computer while playing.
    If I'm not mistaken once the temps get high the gfx card starts to scale back, that leaves a laggy experience.
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    no my system temp is normal and i got no laggy experience with my GPU. gaming is crazy high and life like. it just freezes a lot and im forced to reboot manually. bsod are normally CLOCK WATCHDOG TIMEOUT and IRQL LESS OR EQUAL. from lenovo forums i got a fix for freezing is by disabling the link power management in intel rapid storage technology software which did quite helped but bsod and freezing still persists. i'd like to eradicate that asap.
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    Possibly RAM, although the clock watchdog is usually more regarding processors. Try running the windows memory diagnostic and see if it turns up anything.
    I would also make sure all your drivers (especially chipset drivers from Intel) are all up to date!

    Is this a new problem or did it just start happening recently?

    You can look in Windows Event Viewer to see the errors that happen around the time of the BSOD

    Also, from an administrative command prompt, run these two:

    chkdsk /f

    and after that

    sfc /scannow

    I have also found, that unless you are using the Intel Rapid Storage, you may as well just uninstall the whole thing.
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    i ran the memtest and nothing wrong with ram. did sfc as well and it did found errors and chkdsk fixed it at the boot. rapid storage technology is there but disabled the LPM thing. please check the attached logs for bsod errors.
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    You bought it a month ago? Contact Lenovo support or look at least look at the Lenovo forums.

    My Lenovo Y500 works flawlessly and has since I got it 10 months ago.

    Some questions for you:
    1. Have you remove the trial ware anti-virus?
    2. Have you removed any other software?
    3. Have you installed any new AV or anti-malware
    4. Are you running dual video cards?
    5. Have you updated any drivers?
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    1. Have you remove the trial ware anti-virus? YES
    2. Have you removed any other software? PARTIALLY
    3. Have you installed any new AV or anti-malware? ESET INT SECURITY
    4. Are you running dual video cards? NOPE
    5. Have you updated any drivers? ALL OF EM
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    You updated ALL the drivers?
    Did you verify the drivers on Lenovo's support forum?

    If it was me I would make a backup as the system is now, get the drivers Lenovo recommends and use them and see if the issue reduces.

    Also check that EST is setup as recommended for Gaming‎
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    i've updated all the drivers except display after i moved to windows 8.1. all downloaded and installed from lenovo except display i got from disabled LMP in intel RST as per instruction from other guys at lenovo forums. 3 days gone and not a single bsod but system still freezes while i play games. most happens with new games like Assassin's creed 4 and splinter cell blacklist.
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System Freeze while playing any games on ideapad y510p
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