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Arma 3 on 8.1 mouse not working

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    Arma 3 on 8.1 mouse not working / GAME REVIEW

    I know nothing about this game. Just bought it due to boredom

    Mouse works in game to look, shoot etc, but in the HUD/Setup options it doesn't, cant use it to change settings, or click on anything, its just dead. I can see the pointer, move the pointer, but that's it.

    Cant see a fix online but as I am new to Arma I may be looking in the wrong place. Any advice would be great. Computer Specs avail in profile.
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    Gold Coast (Australia)
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    Windows 8.1 x64

    Issue is as follows

    I have a 4 monitor setup. For some reason, playing Arma 3 on the Primary monitor disables the mouse in Options/Huds
    Moving the game to a secondary monitor fixes this issue.


    Game is crap. You would seriously need to be a typist and a memory expert to be able to play this, as much as it doesn't baby the player with "We'll give you a fighting chance" and is as real to war as one could expect from never ever being close to a real war, the commands are in the hundreds and they are spread out across the keyboard. A gaming pad/console wouldn't help, changing the layout is a mistake, you still have to remember 100+ keys to play.

    In Australia, we pay through the nose for everything, I just wasted $60.
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Arma 3 on 8.1 mouse not working
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