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Is 32-bit better for performance in gaming on 64-bit?

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    Describing complex technology clearly in a relatively short post is difficult. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes not. It is nice to hear when I do.

    64 bit systems have come a long way since their first introduction. Unless a critical application or device is not supported by a 64 bit OS 64 bit is probably best. The day is coming when many applications will be 64 bit only. The advantages are just too compelling for it to be otherwise.

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    Yeah it's easy to get all technical when it's not really called for.

    Nice post.

    BTW here's the full article that was reference in one of my post - 64-bit: More than just the RAM |
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    Some good posts here all

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    I switched to 64 bit while on Vista, straight to 64 bit on 7, now only 64 bit with 8 and 8.1. Haven't looked back. Very few problems even getting DOS games to run using emulators. A virtual CD/DVD drive to mount iso/mdx images is also good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LMiller7 View Post
    The reason why 64 bit systems were developed never was about the ability to access more RAM. It is all about address space. Both articles linked to by sygnus21 mention this but never really explain what it means. Through the "magic" of the CPU and memory management functions of the OS each 64 bit process sees an address space of 8 TB. But it is important to understand that this address space is in no way limited or even influenced by how much RAM you have. Most applications have no idea how much RAM is in the system. This larger address space is an enormous advantage for some applications. And that address space is private, it is not shared with other processes. A process can't accidentally trample over memory belonging to other processes because it can't even see it. How this is accomplished is very complex and I won't even attempt to describe it.

    Unfortunately that doesn't mean much to a 32 bit process. A 32 bit process will have a 4 GB address space of which by default 2 GB is reserved for the system. This is address space, not RAM usage as so many Internet articles have implied or stated outright. The difference between address space and RAM usage is difficult enough without the articles that get it hopelessly wrong. 32 bit applications that explicitly indicate they are compatible will receive a 4 GB address space. They can handle no more.

    While 32 bit applications don't directly benefit much from a 64 bit OS they do receive significant indirect benefits. A 64 bit OS has an internal 8TB address space and that gives it much greater flexibility. A big winner is the file cache which is much more efficient in a 64 bit OS. For applications that handle large amounts of data that can make a considerable difference, particularly if there is sufficient RAM to really make it work well.

    Good explanation because it all about the number of address available in 32 bit environment.

    Also 64 bit environment address has to be along all layers from a 64 bit processor to 64 bit OS to a 64 bit program to fully utilize 64 bit.

    I Think you did a great job in explaining it. +1
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Is 32-bit better for performance in gaming on 64-bit?
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