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Gaming speed allot slower now,

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    Gaming speed allot slower now,


    last week i got myself windows 8, i used to own windows 7 and everything worked realy well.
    Now, i got everything going well, and i wanted to add my game's again.

    i installed assassins creed black flag, crysis 3, and battlefield 3 again.
    and on all those 3 the games, non works! its laggs like hell.
    I used to run them all on around medium settings with 40 to 60 fps.
    now i putt everything on LOW, with lowest res and GAMEBOOSTER and i got around 10-20 fps! i realy can't play.
    (lol, even star wars battlefield 2 lags a bit)

    i got a HP laptop, and on windows 7 this all worked really wel.
    do i need anny new drivers? do i need to instal somthing special on windows 8 to fix this?

    thanks already

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    Hell arnootie. Welcome to eightforums

    It helps a lot when you give us your system specs - Processor, memory, video card, soundcard? If you don't know what they are or how to get them, see this tutorial - Speccy - Advanced System Information Tool - Windows 7 Help Forums

    And which specific version of Windows - 8, 8.1? Pro?

    Now, from reading your post... on surface I'd say you need to update all your drivers, or have you done that?

    Also try updating your DirectX files
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    Hey there, it sounds like since you upgraded to Windows 8 that you may have to reinstall your drivers depending on how you went with the installation.

    Anyway it sounds like you are just missing some drivers.

    If you can give us your specs then I can link you the exact drivers or you can always google 'amd drivers' or 'nvidia drivers' depending on your graphics card.
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Gaming speed allot slower now,
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