Hello, I am not sure where to be posting hardware/video/drivers so please move if required, and sorry a little long winded tale. I have an msi GT70 dragon laptop with
i7 3630qm
NVidia 680m with 4gb ram
16 gb memory running win8 64bit.

For history this laptop gpu has always ran very warm, when new 8 months ago gaming gpu temps were always low 90c and cpu mid 70c, after repasting a couple times was successful in getting temps down to mid/high 80c on gpu and low 70c on cpu , performance and fan maxed out. I have been playing bioshock infinite and farcry 3 since new without any freezes/crashes. Then installed crysis3 last Saturday and played. had a few freezes/crashes after 1 -2 hrs of playing, getting " CryEngine Error DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED " after a couple of freezes/crashes I ran sfc from an elevated command prompt and found unrepairable errors, I then did a complete reinstall. Played crysis3 again, now freeze/crash happening after 20 -60 mins, multiple times. Have reran sfc /scannow on 2 occasions no issues found. so no repairs done. Then yesterday loaded crisis 3 and did the freeze/crash within 5 minutes of loading game, and my gpu temp was 70c, rebooted system and played again same result, after second reboot playing I noticed really bad framerate and realized that my computer was not charging or registering connection. unplug from wall and plug in again and all good. charged battery back to capacity and played again, lowered graphics settings to medium, same result maybe a slightly noticeable longer run before failure (15-20 seconds ).Then loaded Farcry 3 on medium settings and had the same freeze in game as in crisis3 and gpu temp at 70c but no errors on desktop. Ran bioshock on medium settings and again freeze/crash within minutes of play and gpu temp at 70c. with bioshock crash I get the message " The direct3d 11 device has been removed or crashed, this requires game to exit. please update drivers and restart game. " Oddly enough only crysis3 will cause my power brick to fail. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the last 4 drivers from Nvidia, using drive fusion to cleanup uninstalls before clean installations. The optimus system is switching to the 680m when starting the games. Just seems to me that maybe the gpu is drawing to much power from the brick in crysis3 ? but why fail at 70c ? Please any thoughts, windows8, bios and ec all up to date. Sorry for being so long but info is a good thing.

Any and all thoughts appreciated