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old games are very slow

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    old games are very slow

    hello everybody
    i have win 8 64X running very well but with a very annoying problem
    i really enjoy playing old strategy games like RA2 and stronghold crusader
    they work properly *in case of RA2 only yuri's revernge work but the main game doesn't* but htey are much slower than what i used to
    i tried increasing game speed in stronghold crusader but it's still slower than how it was when i was running windows XP

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    Did you try Compatibility settings for those programs ?
    Some older games might be 16 bit and that definitely will not run on 64 bit windows.
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    they work but loading is very slow 'takes about 30 sec'
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    Windows98 to Windows7

    I first want to ask if these are Direct X 9 or lower games?
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    those are the games "stronghold crusader" "stronghold2"
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    Windows98 to Windows7

    Stronghold crusader uses DirectX7. Windows8 newest version of directx is 11.2 if i recall correctly.
    This version emulates older versions of Direct x exactly like Windows7 , except.... it appears the screwed it up.
    Windows8 compatibility is pretty strong, and that is why the game works, (Looks like a cool game too) but I am having the same issue with MANY MANY MANY games that can work on anything from Windows95 to Windows7.

    Microsoft created directx to be backwards compatible, so DON'T allow the NAYSAYERS and Blowhards to blow off your old game with , "Why should microsoft support and old game", when the fact is, they have.

    There is ALOT of troubleshooting to get the games to work at speed. Some people have found success by disabling hyper v.

    However my understanding is that some of this is caused by METRO.

    Here is a few other options that may work.


    Apparently DirectDraw games don't run to well on Windows 8.
    I recently wanted to play a Desperados an old isometric tactics game. But it ran like 10% the speed it's supposed to. So it was unplayable.
    There are some alternative ddraw stuff out there. Actually one works somewhat: with wine3d-s ddraw.dll. "

    The direct Draw is emulated in directx 11.2 is emulated.... so its very slow..

    now, I have the same issue with my game posted in another thread.
    It uses and older version of Directx and runs at 10% speed.

    However there is ONE person who has it working at 80% speed, making it playable.

    So there is hope.

    Microsoft needs to fix the backwards compability of directx, the reason for having directx was to maintain backwards compability, vs each developer creating their own solutions.

    Also, try all the solutions people offer regarding compability settings, and such.

    Some of the old game forums have found patches or fixes themselves for the older games.
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    Windows98 to Windows7

    LOL, BIG HMMM>>>>>

    Perhaps they consider it compatible if it works, not if it works at a playable framerate...

    I see the feedback is 0 for 13 regarding it working...
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    Windows 8.1 (x64)

    A solution which works for me on some old games is direct x emulation via linux wine... Sounds weird relying on linux to have a working windows but here is how it works...

    Wine provides its directx wrapper component free, and you can download precompiled windows builds at : WineD3D builds for win32
    As said on its page, all direct x calls are redirected to open gl, so this isn't emulation per se and can be very fast depending on your graphics card/drivers.
    Download wind3d.exe. Don't execute it directly, extract it with an utility like 7-zip or similar.
    In the extracted folder or subfolders, look for the files : ddraw.dll, libwine.dll and wined3d.dll (if they are not present, try downloading an older build, not the latest)
    Copy them to whatever old game folder you want and try the game again.
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    Windows98 to Windows7

    That solution has appeared in other threads and forums, I am glad to see these alternative solutions working.
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old games are very slow
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