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What Would Be The Next Xbox Called?

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    And if you time purchases you can do some halfway decent gaming on a five hundred dollar PC. Certainly not any random computer of the same price but PC gaming isn't just ultra expensive graphics cards. I don't own an Xbox One yet (although I have a 360 slim and original Xbox) because I don't buy in launch year. Console gaming is a great way not to worry about components (I must've pored over fifty pages of laptop stats in March although I did end up spending $700 on a $1000 dollar system on special) but I get a little sick of PC gamers who insist the only way to PC game is with the latest and greatest components and then complain that PC gaming isn't as accommodated as console gaming.

    PC gamers are by nature, a splintered group who really end up reducing their own visible numbers which leads to the endless console ports to PC or ridiculous 'our game can only be played by top tier systems'. The major gaming publishers and studios would have to sink a lot more resources into PC gaming if it was visibly bigger than the elitists who drown out everyone else. I haven't needed to play at 800*600 for a long time, personally think it looks horrible but I realize that it allows some to play games they wouldn't otherwise be able to. If people really want to play at the extreme low end, then they should be able to without angry idiots insisting that smaller resolutions be scrapped among other lower graphical options. (An actual debate on a Dragon Age: Inquisition board)

    I'm a multiplatform gamer, I refuse to subscribe to the whole team PC/console dichotomy.

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    I had Pong, Atari, Caleco and other game machines and I can tell you I enjoyed them immensely with all those 4 and 8 bit graphics, very few colors etc. All that mattered was gameplay, in the heat of the moment you don't really have time to notice graphics, all it was missing was 3D. Heck, before that I spend hours in arcades playing Flippers. All of that was just games with very few titles for each. With PC you have thousands upon thousands of games that you can play on only one machine without buying another one for every few games.
    You guys, with game machines, how many games do you have for them ? I'm not a gamer any more but still have couple of hundred of CDs and DVDs with them, not to mention half a terabyte on HDD. How many game machines would I need to play all of that ?
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    I agree that game performance is better on the PC, but it comes with significant expense and effort. Updates, patches, drivers, video cards, etc.

    I appreciate the fact that I can just get a game, plop it into my console and run it. Never have to worry about system requirements, etc.

    Also, having kids, sometimes my computer or my game console is tied up. If they were the same physical device, it would be less convenient as we could not do both at once.

    And my game console isn't just a game console. It does my Netflix, it's my bluray player, it's my primary HBO GO device.

    The hardest part for me and consoles was getting used to using a controller versus a mouse and keyboard. But with time, that became natural. The less capable graphics have never once bothered me. And the integrated party and chat features on the console are easy, no other software is necessary.
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What Would Be The Next Xbox Called?
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