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EA Games OR Rockstar Games? Which One Do You Like More?

View Poll Results: EA Games OR Rockstar Games?

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  • EA Games

    7 53.85%
  • Rockstar Games

    6 46.15%
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    Kolkata, India
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    EA Games OR Rockstar Games? Which One Do You Like More?

    Hello Guys, Just Want To Ask Which Gaming Company (And Of-course Games) Do You Like More?

    EA Games


    Rockstar Games

    Just Vote The One You Like More.

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    Can I vote for both? I like games of both companies.
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    I guess it depends on what games you like. For me, I've never played any Rockstar games but I've played plenty of EA games...

    Mass Effect series
    Crysis series
    Dead Space series
    Dragon Age series

    Plus a few more I'm sure I'm missing. Can't name any Rockstar games.

    As to like, I'm not exactly a fan of EA, they just happen to put out games I like. With that the default goes to EA.
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    Oh damn, that's a tough one. I just got done installing GTA IV and it plays amazing on highest settings (see my CPU to see why I'm surprised.) I think I have to lower the settings just a dot. It played smoothly for the few minutes I tested, but I suspect it will be even better with one notch bump down in the 16 AA I have set at the moment.

    I like EA sports games a lot, in addition to the normal EA ones Sygnus says. Crysis 3 played great here on highest when I tested yesterday.

    Really, a coin flip here to decide for me. Um, I suppose EA since more top notch titles in all.
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    San Diego, CA
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    I really enjoy Rockstar games over EA games. The problem lies in Rockstar taking forever to release games on the PC (GTA IV & V for example) or not releasing for PC at all (Red Dead Redemption).
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    I think EA Games win every time because Rockstar has few games in comparison to EA. Did I like GTA V? Yes
    I also liked Mass Effect 1(PC), Mass Effect 2 PS3, Mass Effect 3 PS3. What would I love to do on my PS4? Play Mass Effect all over again!

    I voted EA because they have larger library & larger selection for variety of genres with great quality that overall can match Rockstar games. I have had more disappointments with EA games than I have with Rockstar though.
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    Rockstar Games!
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    I like Rockstar Games better.
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    On the whole EA tend to push developers to release games to meet deadlines rather than when they are actually ready. Even worse is that some of those titles are lucky to see a patch or two.

    But they do have some decent titles. As does Rockstar.
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    Rockstar will be better when they release GTA 5 for PC
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EA Games OR Rockstar Games? Which One Do You Like More?
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