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What role does my CPU play in gaming?

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    What role does my CPU play in gaming?


    I have a question regarding PC gaming, since I realy dont know as much as I would like to.
    My question is what role does my CPU play in gaming? Is it a big thing? I always thought that having a strong, powerful graphics card was more important that a powerful CPU. Is there a particular thing that the CPU does in PC gaming that makes having a strong one essential?

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    Your CPU is vitally important and is the landstick by which you would get power out of any graphics card. A strong CPU will get the most out of the graphics card whereas a weak one won't be able to process the images fast enough to make however powerful a card you have worth its cost. CPU>Graphics Card in gaming. The graphics card is still important but a weaker processor will cripple the overall capacity of your graphics card, however flashy.
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    Different games use CPU differently, some need more and some less. The best way to see where you have a bottleneck is to monitor your CPU and GPU usage while playing a particular game, if it overloads all the cores you'll know what to do. You can also look for Minimum and Optimal requirements for particular games and see if you have enough CPU and GPU power.
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    The cpu makes the calculations on what is going on, it also processes what the gpu is "drawing" and puts it in to use. Example: an FPS game, the CPU tells the GPU the positions of things, what the environment is and such, then the gpu does its rendering and sends it to the monitor and back to the cpu. Hence a strong cpu makes calculations faster, so the card does its stuff faster etc
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    CPU also handles AI for the game and that can take a lot of computing to do.
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    The role in gaming? Everything. Everything your computer does goes through the CPU.

    Some games do utilize more CPU than others though. For example, Source engine games are heavily dependent on CPU.
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    Well not exactly everything, a lot of calculations are left to GPU. Actually GPU does so much calculations that it's used for "Mining Bitcoins" etc. Older video cards did not have a GPU (the processor itself) and were just signal converters. Modern GPUs have more transistors and processing power than CPUs. Technically GPU (even as some refer to whole video card ) is just a part of it, it's a highly specialized processor on the video card (Adapter).
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What role does my CPU play in gaming?
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