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Win 8.1 Black Screen During Games (No BSOD Codes)

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    Windows 8.1 Pro (x64)

    Win 8.1 Black Screen During Games (No BSOD Codes)

    Current OS: Win 8.1 Pro x64

    For the past few weeks, I had been having issues with my computer with black screens only during gaming.

    At first, it seemed like a power issue since the machine kept shutting off and rebooting with no BSOD or error codes. So I got a new PSU.

    Still kept happening - tested each GPU individually and all passed without error/problems.

    Black screen problem still persisted. So I installed Win 7 x64 on a spare HDD and checked to see if it was software/drivers - still got black screen/reboot.

    Decided it had to be the motherboard - RMA'd the board and just got a replacement (2 days ago). Still get black screen/reboots.

    Reflashed the GPU BIOS - worked for a while when the voltage was left at stock (instead of 1.212V). However, still got black screen/reboot after about an hour.

    I decided to test RAM w/ MemTest86+.

    Tested RAM @ XMP setting (Corsair Dominator Platinum 32GB 9-11-11-31 @ 1.65V) - got a ton of errors in MemTest86+ (411 errors after about 8.5 hours).

    Reset RAM to "Auto" (1333Mhz) tested again - no errors so I booted into Windows. Tried playing AC4 and got black screen + reboot within 10 minutes.

    Tested each RAM stick individually today and 3 of them passed fine with no errors while the fourth one had errors in the first and second passes - 10 errors.

    Took two sticks out and put two "good" sticks of RAM back and fired up the computer.

    Booted into Windows and ran Heaven 4.0 & Valley - both passed without issue with the GPUs OC'd and overvolted @ 1.212V.

    Thought I had solved it. Fired up AC4 and got a black screen in about 10 minutes. Tried different GPU settings (stock, lower OC, no over-volt etc.) to no avail - all gave black screens within 20 minutes (some sooner). Tried BF4, got a DirectX error - game wouldn't even start! Tried several times - nothing! Tried BF3, got a black screen within 3 minutes.

    My PSU connected via a thick 12AWG cable to a 20A breaker. The PSU cable (PSU: Lepa G1600) itself is quite think (albeit short).

    I have NO idea why this is happening - I have either tested or replaced everything.

    There are no error codes; just a bunch of Event ID 41 in Event Viewer but that doesn't indicate anything useful (just unexpected crash/reboot).

    Really need help with this - I having been banging my head against a wall for about a month now with no luck on this issue!

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    Windows 8 Pro x64 With Media Center/Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 x86 >>Dual Boot<<

    try any other free light game from net & test..if it's happening still.u have to loose all u'r data.first backup u'r all data on a external hard drive or any other media source.then wipe all your partitions with a partition software,google them,there are plenty of them.i suggest you free versions,not paid.or you can make a bootable disc for wiping all partitions.
    Note-only wipe partitions with slow method !!
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    Windows 8.1 Pro x64, Windows Server 2012 R2 x64

    I'm running 8.1, and have had a similar issue to yours on my Lenovo G700 (even though the laptop is new and appears to have nothing wrong with it), but in my case I occassionally got a black screen in games like Skyrim, GZDoom, etc (no BSOD though). The issue could be with Windows 8.1, it's still relatively new, and some graphics drivers still dont work properly with 8.1. Check the website for the latest drivers and make sure it's 8.1-compatible. Windows Update may have a compatible driver, although it might be slightly older (and maybe more stable as well). Beyond that I'm not sure what else to tell you.

    Hope this helped!
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Win 8.1 Black Screen During Games (No BSOD Codes)
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