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world of warcraft lagging bad not network related

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    world of warcraft lagging bad not network related

    Hi I hope im in the correct forum. Lets just say someone was looking at something they shouldnt of been looking at online and now my game lags. The lag isn't network related its because my cpu is peaking out and it didnt before the above mentioned event. The game will lag, I will hit w key and my toon wont move or ill be in pvp and look like im killing someone to be insta dead. I will attempt to turn with A or D and like 3 seconds later my toon will turn.

    I have malware bytes but it finds nothing when I scan. and when my game is lagging I pull up task manager to see my cpu running really high and as soon as the task manager comes up it drops back down to a normal operating state and the process that is making it run really high drops off the list before i can see what it actually is. Also on my task manager I see a wow proxy server or somthing and when i end that task it does run a little faster but still unplayable at times.

    If anyone know what and where I can download somthing that will not further ruin my system to help get rid of this issue that would be awesome. I am just leary of downloading free software because most of the time it will mess you up more.

    anyways I have :

    ran malware bytes

    downloaded norton/ran norton scan

    still find nothing

    my cpu and disk (on tank manager) run up to 90% and 100% and back down to normal levels and bakc up again
    and stays at like 100% cpu when i play the game , but two days ago it played the game flawlessly so i know its malicious software.

    hp tech support tried to tell me wow was the issue but i know that isnt true wow worked fine 2 days ago

    I have found process explorer and I am going to attempt to find what is causing my issue , any other suggestions? please help I want to play wow and its not really playable right now, i mean it seems to play but lags so bad and my world and home are at like 50 so its not a network lag

    Thank you for any help

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    will doing a system restore help or make it worse? i have had systems in the past that after a full reformatt it ran like crap.

    also I never made a restore point, my computer came with a recovery partition on the drive, and i never had a large enough portible hard drive to create the restore disks so can I even restore my system ?
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    Also , in task manager my disk and cpu spike to 90 & 100% every so often as well. my pc worked awesome 2 days ago and its not that old so it has to be some type of malicious software hideing somewhere but malwaare bytes and norton have not found them.
    there is a windows service running on task manager that is high on the disk usage and it says (network restricted) and has abunch of services under it.
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world of warcraft lagging bad not network related
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