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Games for Windows Live "Can't Start Program"

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    ahhh Windows 8.1 yes that's a issue, GWL is being deprecated.
    Try this
    1. set the following file to run in windows 7 compatabilty mode GFWLive.exe
    If that does not work then
    2. Do you still have the files - xlive.dll, xlive.dll (Security Catalogue), xlivefnt.dll, xliveinstall.dll, xliveinstallhost.exe on the PC? copy them to the Windows\System32 dir

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    No, the only one of those I have is xlive.dll. None of them are in system32. Do you know of a site where I can safely download them? Also, I tried running the program in compatibility mode, still ran into the problem. These missing files may be the issue.
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    Are you hiding any files from view?

    I do not know anywhere to get them other than the installation of GFWL.

    When you run the installation of GFWL it completes with no issues? if so the files should be on the PC.

    Is the BITS service started and running on the PC?

    You could try to run the installation of GFWL from the command line, with various switches to see if you can get a more information or a command line removal.

    You can find more on command line switches here Unattended, A Windows deployment system: Unattended/Silent Installation Switches for Windows Apps and here Standard Installer Command-Line Options (Windows) and here Command-Line Options (Windows)
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    Thanks for the links. I'll check them out and see what happens. Also, when I run the installer for GFWL, it tells me that the program is already installed and only gives me the option to launch it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by majulook View Post
    if you are still having issues try uninstalling the game and games for windows then go here Download the Games for Windows Client | PC Games Client - install the PC client and then install the game... This worked for my Fallout 3
    Hey if anyone would like to know, this information worked for me playing StreetFighter X Tekken a GFWL edition, just download it and install it. Would remove any previous versions of GFWL you had.

    Well for now it will work till July 2014 when it shuts down and i believe Steam will take over the Games.
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Games for Windows Live "Can't Start Program"
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