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3200x1800 resolution making program text unreadable

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    3200x1800 resolution making program text unreadable

    I just bought a new dell xps 15 which is really awesome by the way but the qhd resolution makes certain programs unusable. It's 3200x1800. So for instance I play online poker and when I downloaded a poker program the game client came up like 4 inches wide on the screen so the text is unreadable. I thought I would just have to use a smaller resolution like 1080p but the size of the game client didn't change when I changed the resolution. Resizing the client windows doesn't resize the text so what are my options?

    Thanks guys

    Oh Im using windows 8.1 to be clear

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    Hi there.

    Right mouse click on screen.

    Go to PERSONALIZE==>DISPLAY==> then choose what you want to make larger .

    Desktop Icons can be made larger anyway by using the SCROLL wheel on the mouse and holding down the CTRL key. Do this from your desktop.

    (However some Apps using the .NET type of programming interface will have fixed "Box" size things and either can't be changed or will start to show weird effects as you increase text sizes).

    Even from this Forum as you increase the text size you get some weird effects - for instance the Upload image dialog starts to look a "Little Wonky"

    Screenshot enc

    Another application like that is the EXCELLENT photoshop -- the menu text though is virtually UNREADABLE however the drop down items are OK and this is only on a 22 inch monitor running at 1080p.

    Screenshot enc as well.

    (Some online gaming is designed to be played on tablets or phones so you might be stuck with that size screen for your poker app. The developers these days seem to program their stuff based on a fixed number of pixels etc rather than realize there's a HUGE range of different size and resolution devices out there now. The Metro type stuff doesn't help either -- If there is a "Computer God" out there could he please BANISH all FIXED size screen programming and let the users monitors / devices choose the resolution the application runs on and adjust text sizes and window boxes accordingly).

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3200x1800 resolution making program text unreadable
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