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Installing Microsoft Mahjong.

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    Installing Microsoft Mahjong.

    I have just added another Win 8 machine to stable for my wife. It is 'Modern' all the way -- no Start8 or Classic Shell.

    I have Mahjong installed on my own older Win8 Desktop and when I installed it on the new machine I must have done something differently than the first for I often get a request to sign in to my Microsoft Account and the then tells me sometimes that I have games saved out on the cloud and some locally and then asks me which do I choose. To my knowledge I have never saved any game anywhere on either machine. (The older machine never asks me the question.)

    Did I perhaps specify cloud storage somewhere in the setup process. How may I correct this little bothersome thing.

    Oh, as an aside, who is touchyleopard? That is who I get signed in as on each machine. Have no idea where that came from.

    Thanks for any help on this.

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    About a hour after original post.

    My wife just came in and said her new machine reports 'connection to Xbox lost' or something like that while playing Mahjong. What does that mean?

    Thanks again.
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    The games that are tied to an xbox account save statistics there and you must be signed in to a Microsoft account and not local.
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Installing Microsoft Mahjong.
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