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Looking to upgrade my PC for Battlefield 4, any help?

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    Looking to upgrade my PC for Battlefield 4, any help?

    Hello there,

    I am very looking forward to the new iteration of Battlefield. Battlefield comes out at the beginning of November here in the UK. I have decided not to get the new iPhone and instead maybe get myself a small upgrade for my computer so that I can play this game smoother.

    My current build can be seen below by clicking the button underneath my name.

    I would like to know what areas are weakest with my build. I know that it is not the best build in history as it is a bit old at this point.
    The Battlefield 4 requirements can be seen below.

    Any suggestions on what would be a very nice upgrade for my PC would be much appreciated.

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    Hey MadMonk64,

    First, I am not a gamer but I have had some exposure to that area. Anyway, take anything I say with a grain of salt but I just thought it might be worthwhile to throw in my2cents.

    First off, it would be interesting to know if you are having any issues playing the current version of Battlefield (eg, low FPS, etc)? Next, I would like to say that I can only say that your current specs look pretty darn good "as-is"; however, I did see that the new Battlefiled recommends an HD 7870. With that said, I compared your current card with the recommended card and here are the Passmark 3d results:

    GTX 570 - Passmark 3d score is 4,385
    HD7870 - Passmark 3d score is 4,242

    Here's another interesting comparison between the two cards:

    GeForce GTX 570 vs Radeon HD 7870 Performance Comparison Benchmarks @ Hardware Compare

    In summary, I can't see where you can make any major improvements. It all looks good to me "as-is." I would just wait for the new version to come out and try it before spending any money and possibly being very disappointed with the results. Good luck.
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    Hello MadMonk54, Your GTX 570 SC should be able to handle BF4 on high/ultra settings but if your card is the 1.2GB VRAM model then that is where your gpu will be lacking in performance. My suggestion would be to pick up a GTX 760 as it comes with 2GB of GDDR5, it runs cooler than the 570 SC FERMI and the performance is definitely noticeable. The 760 is an improved version of the 660ti and runs a bit faster for the price. The card comes in at a $250 and buying anything less than the 660ti won't show much performance increase other than running cooler and having 2GB of VRAM. Also, if your budget is in the $300, I would highly suggest picking up a HD 7970 as the performance you get for the price is fantastic.

    Battlefield 4 Alpha Performance Benchmark: Battlefield 4 Alpha GPU and CPU Benchmarks
    GTX 570 vs 7970 Benchmark: AnandTech | Bench - GPU12

    Note that BF4 when released will be better optimized than in the Alpha benchmark and whether you choose to go with a 7970 or GTX 760, it will definitely be a smoother gameplay for you than on the GTX 570 .

    Hope I helped you decide
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Looking to upgrade my PC for Battlefield 4, any help?
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