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Gaming Rig Customization: Optimal Number of SSD's

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    Gaming Rig Customization: Optimal Number of SSD's

    I'm looking to build my own gaming rig and was looking for a PC case that fit loads of hard drives and external bays. I got my wish when I stumbled upon the Lian Li PC-D8000 (the link is below). After doing a bit of research, I found that this case was quite unique as even the biggest and most overrated gaming "super towers" like Corsair's 900D and Aerocool's Strike X ST couldn't match the number of internal bays and the motherboard size of this beast.

    Given that I concluded that I must have crossed into server/datacenter territory even though this case was being sold a "high-end chassis" along with the rest of Lian Li's arsenal of gaming cases. And given that the D8000 is server chassis, I wanted to know if :

    1) I could really have 20 1TB SSD's (KingSpec Microcore) strapped onto an MSI Big Bang XPower II in a RAID 0 configuration (I know that the failure rate is colossal) in a chassis like this.

    2) If Windows 8 Enterprise x64 could recognize that many SSD's

    3) The amount of voltage I would need to keep the machine running

    4) An optimal number of SSD's in relation to the consumed electrical power


    PC-D8000 Link: Lian-Li Global | PC-D8000
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Gaming Rig Customization: Optimal Number of SSD's
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